Finally, finally, finally…………………

………after several false starts, and testing the patience of many on here, I’ve taken advantage of the recently announced CD trade-in scheme, NDX2 (with NAS/dBPoweramp) inbound, farewell CDS3 it’s been great but you owe me nothing.


Nice, the prices for trade in are, attractive!

Enjoy nice bit of kit, looks as if you have a 555 P/S a superb combination.

Are they offering less, same or more than market pricing?

I wonder if they will reuse some of the parts from the CD’s they get back


What is this CD trade in scheme you speak of?

UK only. The post about it is pinned in the Hi-Fi Corner forum:



I would certainly hope so. It may be the only way to get hold of known working samples of the CD transports in question. And more besides.

Recycling or Reuse.

Nice move👍

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Depends, it’s a fixed discount regardless of your CD player, but dependent on what you replace it with. 1500 against a NDX2, regardless if you px a CD5 or CDX2


Hi Lindsay, what was it that finally made you take the plunge into streaming? I suspect not just the CD trade in offer.

It will be interesting to hear about the transition. If you have any problems you know where to come.:wink:

Nigel thank you. Actually it pretty much was the trade in and the opportunity to future proof when the CDS3 will inevitably die. However, I am finding after a good vinyl session in the evening selecting a few tracks without listening to a full album is good fun so I think a streamer will come into its own at that point, and of course help discover more new music, as if I need more music!

Over and above being a bit of a luddite Phil @Cymbiosis is brilliant with this stuff and is going to get me properly set up.

Thanks again.



Now come the endless array of tweaks like switches, NAS drives, Ethernet cables, filters and power supplies… :crazy_face:

No, no interest in any of that.


Hi Lindsay, just curious if you have been able to listen to an NDX2 and compare it to your CD player? On paper it is of course a downgrade (from S level to X level) so good though the NDX2 is, especially with a boost from your 555PS, I wonder whether it’s a move you will be happy with in the long term.

Not actually head to head but have heard the NDX2 many times and content that with the 555PSU is a class performer. Of course when Naim launched the NDX2 it was de facto a replacement for the NDS, and actually in various listening sessions at my dealers I’ve preferred the NDX2 over the NDS.