Naim CD Player Trade-in Offer, the details thread

In light of the recent (UK only) promotion, I found the details on one dealer website, The Sound Organisation. It’s a flat discount of new kit regardless of which of the eligible CD players you trade in. The value of the trade in depends on what you’re buying (all prices are suggested)

NDX2 - £1500 discount
ND5 XS2 - £500 discount
Uniti Core - £550 discount
Uniti Star - £700 discount

So trade in a CD5 against a NDX2, and you’re receiving a £1500 discount IIUC. I have to say, I am slightly tempted!


Yes, see my thread in streaming!

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Naim usually do some kind of trade in deal when parts for certain cd players (usually the mech) become unavailable. This one does look like quite a good offer.


I was forced to sell my CD5 XS earlier on this year while it was still working. It was for a good price, so all was good. The thing is though, after many home trials before i sold it, a Hegel Viking was the winner, by a long long way. This CD was only released just over a year ago.
What i really can’t understand is why Naim is not at least releasing a transport to go with it’s now very old DAC.
What would be even better is a completely new CDP, If Hegel can do it, why can’t Naim ?
That said, i wouldn’t swap my Viking for any Naim now.


Or a newer DAC…? Which would then allow multiple options.

It seems that that boat has sailed - and the future for Naim is Streaming (only).

Theyre not having a CD 3.5 then!!! Not that I’d want to mind…


I’m just now listening to a CD with my 20-odd years old TEAC VRDS-9 into Naim’s very old DAC, and if new gear sounds like I usually hear in stores or audio shows recently, may fate keep TEAC and nDAC in good health.


The streamers are network enabled DACs among other things, so a standalone DAC with no networking probably makes no sense in terms of the range now.


So… if I traded my CDX2, I could get £1500 off the £6000 cost of an NDX2… Thats still £4500.

Too Much For Me.


HiFi news this month says a Wiim Pro + would be good value at 10 x the rrp…

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Nor would my wife with hers! :grin:

Especially now that it has a shiny new laser!

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Well my CD5 XS is still functioning fine as a transport into an Ndac with an XPS 2 and the sound is pretty amazing to my ears, but like you and after much research into standalone transports should my CD5 XS fail I will sell both the Dac and PSU and buy the very well reviewed Hegel Viking as a one box solution to my CD playing.
I have no wish to go down the streaming / file based solution as a musical source and as it appears that Naim have abandoned the CD format altogether after producing some of the most musical players on the market I will reluctantly have to take my business elsewhere.
As they say the CD is dead, long live the CD