Fingerprint Cleaning On Uniti/NC Cases

What’s the best approach to cleaning the casework on Uniti and NC units…? Whilst beautiful, it seems the brushed finish of the current cases is something of a fingerprint magnet, more so IMO than the slight powder coated texture of OC etc…

Over the last few weeks I’ve had to move around my Core a number of times whilst testing some issues (long story), so the top now unfortunately bares a few of my mucky paw prints….would like to get back to as new.

I’ve searched and read a number of threads of old, though must do involve the OC casework…Just wondered if anybody had specific experience with the Uniti and newer etc….I note Astonish Window/Tile Cleaner is often mentioned by @graham55 as being what Naim use, though I believe this no longer available exactly the same, just as Window Cleaner now…? I can actually source this in Australia it seems, so happy to give it a try – though I’m sure most other alternative ‘Eco’ brand window/glass cleaners with reduced chemical content would be similar….?
Other mentions of Isopropyl Alcohol & Water mix make some sense to me, though I’m just cautious of what chemicals are going to be OK…

Obviously, plain water and a microfibre are nice and safe and indeed Naim’s instructions with the included Cleaning Cloth are to use nothing but that and no cleaning substances (even though they apparently do at the factory!) – both of which aren’t really going to remove greasy fingerprints….

I haven’t gone ahead and tried anything yet, so would appreciate any relevant advice or experience….

Thanks, SC

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i use tv/ computer monitor cleaner, just a gentle squirt and clean with microfibre gets rid of all fingerprints and other marks.

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A fairly mild glass cleaner on a microfibre cloth or foam pad should do the trick.

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Maybe Naim will provide a frosted sandblasted option that doesn’t instantly become a grubby dust magnet?

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Wait until you try and clean the remote :smile::smile:

You mean the current model plastic one…?
Actually, wasn’t there a post on that a little while back, somebody used something to clean and polish the remote, looked like it came up amazing……

Whilst we’re at it – what about the circular top dial on the likes of the Mu-so and Atom etc – that gap right at the base – seems to be a magnet for everything…even the bugs like it…!!


I’m not thrilled by the industrial design of the new stuff. Heatsinks sharp as hell and hard to clean. Anything with a gloss finish on top. The inset perspex on the top of the NC so you can’t wipe the whole thing in one movement and dust gathers on the ridge if you try. The volume knob on my Musos.

All a bit over designed and under engineered for my tastes.

I still won’t 100% write off buying a NC component but aesthetically, the hurdle seems immensely high for my tastes.


I actually like the design and aesthetic of the NC etc….But yeah, PITA to keep clean and on top of it seems……
But then, show me what isn’t these days….I bought an all blacked out JCW, love it…but THAT is a pain to keep on top of…!! I was warned to never buy a black car….:flushed:

and then


That’s not a bad shout actually…Thanks!

Remove the bulk of any surface dust or larger particles with an air blower (never use a pressurised can type) then use the individual Zeiss wipes to lightly lift any smaller dust particles, grease or contaminants from the surfaces.
The benefit over a microfibre cloth being that it’s 100% clean when you open it whereas a cloth is likely to itself be dusty so you could end up just moving dust from one surface to another.
The blower works well on Uniti volume controls as well, some will come with soft brushes but a record cleaning brush works well in those cases also.

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The Zeiss Wipes seem to be 70% Isopropyl, so I guess that goes back to the idea of an Iso & Water mix, though perhaps a little stronger….
They seem to do another, antibacterial, version for the likes of Phones, Monitor screens etc….

I agree, fresh out of the packet is a good aspect….

Importantly, they’ll leave the surfaces clean and won’t scratch them!
I have an Atom, NC NAP 250 and a Linn Selekt DSM that have shiny plastic surfaces and that method works as required on all those devices.

It’s just a personal preference. If the comments on the NC threads are anything to go by, I’m in a tiny minority and Naim hit the design goal on the button and pleased more people than ever, and should pat themselves on the back.

My personal aesthetic and industrial design taste is probably hideous to most people. And that’s okay.

I’ve yet to meet a bit of hifi you can’t use Windex on.

Off topic, but I recently found a mild cleaner that, with a microfiber cloth just wipes away rubber feet marks from wooden shelves. Utamaru clenser made my Quadraspire shelves look almost new.


That’s probably very true. Don’t actually know if Windex is available here locally…though I’m sure most of it is all the same stuff……

You should perhaps throw that over into the other recent thread – somebody was asking re that exact situation re feet marks on a Supercap I believe….


Duster and damp cloth is all I need :roll_eyes:

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Keep It Simple, S… :expressionless:

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I use a similar puffer to clean fluff from my stylus. Carefully.

I left the plastic protector stickers on top.

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