Fingerprinting for entering Europe

I read in the news this morning that fingerprinting will be necessary to enter Europe from UK. Will giving a digital fingerprint affect the security of phones etc that use fingerprints for security instead of passwords? I would be interested for the opinion of those of you who have knowledge of these things.

They have been taking finger prints going into USA and other countries for years, its nothing new.
I don’t see a problem, how can a finger print thats associated only with a specific phone, tablet or laptop get linked to a countries passport/security system.


It’s quite obvious how this is a massive security risk. Using the captured fingerprint, the powers that be can make a plastic replica of your finger on a 3D printer. They can then then sneak into your house in the dead of night, find your phone and using the plastic finger access the phone and steal all your worldly goods. I’m so pleased my phone uses facial recognition, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.


Hmm, facial recognition… Ever seen Mission Impossible? I think none of us should sleep ever again. More time for music!

They might make a replica of your face? :open_mouth:

Now that would be frightening. I suspect my ugly mug would blow up the printer.

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You mean, like Madame Tusuad’s.

They could make models of forum members, although that might be too much for those of a delicate disposition…. :laughing:

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There is a solution , don’t go abroad at all


That is fine but not all of us are French forum members.


I find it more concerning that some school dinner payment systems rely on a child’s biometrics using fingerprint recognition for payment from an online system.

In the case of iPhones/most Apple stuff (no idea about other systems) the biometric data is I believe stored securely in the device (‘secure enclave’) and nor shared with Apple hence why you’d need to set up biometrics on each device as it’s not stored in ‘the cloud’ to transfer to another/new one.

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Going by the new website launch and the questionnaire mentined in another thread today, maybe we are, though unknowingly!


Unfortunately…….they can get around that as well……my daughters friend had her phone stolen in Ibiza last year.
They cleared her bank account…….facial recognition did not work. She then having everything on her phone, struggled to cancel everything.

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Hmm but the UK is in Europe…. Fairly sure I won’t need finger prints for going to London… but you never know.
I suspect you mean EU or Schengen Agreement area countries. Luckily not all Europe is part of this… but a lot is……. At least I won’t need to collect stamps in my passport each time I enter or leave the EU. I think they are valid for 5 years.

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Actually as a UK citizen , you do need to collect a passport stamp every time you enter or leave the EU because it’s the required way to prove that you have been in the EU for less than 90 days in the previous year (which is the limit for visa-free entry by UK passport holders).


We have loads of stamps. What a complete and utter waste of time. Pointless and wholly avoidable. But we are where we are, as they say.

For Info …… copy/edit UK Gov Paper

EU Entry/Exit System (EES)

The introduction of EES has been much delayed. It was previously scheduled for implementation in 2022, after numbers of delays the launch date will be in early October

EES will be an automated IT system for registering travellers from non-EU countries, including the UK, each time they cross a border into or out of the EU.

Travellers will need to scan their passports or other travel documents at an automated self-service kiosk prior to crossing the border. This will replace the current manual stamping of passports.

The system will register the person’s name, type of the travel document, biometric data (ie fingerprints and captured facial images) and the date and place of entry and exit.

Just sand your finger tips before going to Europe (sic).

After a couple of days sanding and painting some car panels it took two weeks before I could unlock my phone without the PIN. :slightly_smiling_face:


You do at the moment but with the new EU EES system I understand that will stop… I assume it will be all electronic at that point. Edit, Mike has found the same info as I