Firmware 3.5

I think, just unplug the 555PS from the wall after turning the streamer off?

It worked :smile:

Thank you very much :+1:


Excellent, may the music begin!

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I had the speaker pop issue with my Nova and just realised there is a firmware fix for it - v3.5. How do people get informed of updates? I did check a couple of weeks ago and saw no firmware update. Also, the v3.5 update isn’t easy to find. If I went to firmware update page, it still only mentions about v3.4. Is v3.5.0 is beta release? Thank God all appears to be good now. But appreciate advice to avoid this problem in the future. It sounded like phantom power surge which isn’t good for speakers esp the tweeter. Thanks.

It was announced on Naim’s social media channels and of course, here on this forum.

Here’s the post:

As Richard says. And you should also see that an update is available in the Naim app. In the Rooms page of the app, an icon of an arrow pointing down to a line next to a streamer name means there is an update available and on the home page for the streamer you should also see the same icon near the top of the page. You can also use “check for updates” in settings for the streamer in the app.

If you are looking for an update that you know is available but it isn’t showing in any of the above, then restarting the streamer and/or restarting the Naim app often flushes it out.



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Thanks heaps David, that’s how I found it looking for update. So glad the firmware works and doesn’t feel like SQ has dropped as a result. I did check updates a couple of weeks ago but so scared of damaging the speakers I haven’t listened much until today trying to reproduce the problem and find the root cause, and gladly realised it is a known issue. Don’t know others’ preferences, I don’t use the naim app as the media player.

Thank you again!

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