Firmware 3.5

Anyone know what new will be in 3.5 for Uniti Atom etc… ? they say it will be released for 2-3 weeks

Unless Naim has announced, that they are working on something (like Qobuz integration) - no, not really. Except for some promised bug fixes.

Surely, anybody who might know anything from any beta testing would not be allowed to disclose such information here; I assume something similar goes for any employee/insider information. :wink:

Correct, Naim Beta testers are under a non-disclosure agreement.

Where did it say there will be a new firmware release soon?

Is it only for the Atom? Not the Star and Nova too?

(edit) Ahh sorry, I missed the ‘etc’ in the original question

Those 3 get the same releases, yes.

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I hope that the issue on Qbuz with gaps in the 192Khz files will be fixed in this one…

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I have a few annoying issues with my Atom. They told me 1 week until release. But that was 4 weeks ago. So it’s obviously taking longer than planned.

My dealer in California has no info when the v3.5 will be released, however, the new firmware should fix screen issues, among other bug fixes; and NAIM says, just be patient. They indicate they want it perfect before they release it.

That should always be the goal when releasing new software. Unfortunately that is only rarely the case. Hence we are on firmware 3.5 already. :yum:

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3.5 release?

Any news on this update? The 2-3 weeks have passed by now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When it’s ready for release you’ll hear it here first.

what would 3.5 fix or what new function should be in there?

Will we finaly have functions which are available on Android/IOS app also directly on device (like Qobuz - Spotify only now, uPNP/DLNA server access , internet radio stations-vtuner not working) ? Current menu on device is really primitive and unfunctional (more and less only on/off and volume -/+ are usable) and not everybody from us older guys like to use phone just to change music channel. Hope 3.5 will be step forward in this direction…

Error Code 311, what does that mean?

I have had my Naim-system turned off for approximately two weeks.

This evening it was finally time to start up the system again for some music listening.

My ND555 seems to start up as usual in the beginning. After some time “updating” shows up on the display. I guess that new SW will be downloaded… However, after a few seconds, the display instead shows the message “Error Code 311” and nothing more happens.

I would guess that there are something wrong with the SW download to my streamer? Have anyone else seen this and how do I get my streamer to work again?

I will contact my dealer tomorrow but I was wondering if I could get faster information here on the well-informed forum


First try powering off the streamer and restarting and updating again. If that doesn’t work, power off and unplug the power supply for a few minutes then power everything up again.


I have tried to power down the 555PS and restart the streamer but the same error code appears again.

Now I will try (as you suggest) to power down and disconnect the two Burndy cables from the back of the ND555 for a few minutes. Let’s see if that works…