Firmware update NDX2 3.8.1 (5437)

I’ve just updated the NDX2 to 3.8.1. Does anyone know what this release contains? It sounds pretty good BTW.


See: Atom Firmware Update?

(Essentially the same firmware, except for any Hw related differences.)

Thanks, that’s helpful

As I didn’t explain very well above , I was wary of taking a hit to SQ after the experience of 3.7 , which to give Naim due credit was more than rectified in 3.8

I just updated my NDX2.

At the end of the update process it got stuck with a black screen and the power button flashing 4-2-2. When nothing seemed to happen for 10-15 minutes, I unplugged the power cord for 30 secs, it restarted and plays with 3.8.1 now.

So a little gitchy this time but it’s fine again.

Any chance Naim could confirm if firmware updates ever include changes that could impact sound quality? The release notes for this version suggest all the changes are interface/usability related.

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Details of the update are in the Atom Firmware Update thread. It’s the same software/Firmware update.

Is it me or has the bass tightened? It’s blooming gorgeous!:yum:


Any 555 owners upgraded yet? After 3.7 I am keen to wait first just incase!

I updated my Star last night. Now, whenever I turn my laptop on for some reason the Star changes to the Bluetooth input. This doesn’t appear to happen if the laptop goes to sleep and I wake it, so only happens when the machine is started from being fully off. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Sounds fantastic for me as well.

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They changed the wake-up behavior with BT. Is your laptop’s BT connected to the Star? Seems like this could wake up the Star or make it switch to the BT input when the laptop wakes up, if it tries to connect to the Star’s BT

The solution might be to disconnect the laptop BT from the Star

Sounds good to me as well


That to me is a bodge rather than fixing the problem which is still there.
The Star is on and playing another input, which gets changed to Bluetooth when I turn the laptop on from powered down. Turning on the Star from being powered down I can see it as being useful sometimes but automatically changing input every time a paired device is turned on, is not helpful.

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Just finished the update.

Nothing is coming out from the screen! Oh, my ND5XS2 doesn’t have a screen. :joy:

Kidding aside, all went smoothly.


Well I am not sure that this is the cause for what you are experiencing. Just offering a possible explanation.

Generally, automatic input switching is IMHO a difficult problem. There were several cases on the forum where people were confused because it did not switch. Arguably, when the user starts Play on a remote device like Roon or BT, automatic switching makes sense, because why would the user press play if they didn’t want to play.

However, I agree with you that a basic connection attempt, like a BT ping on wake-up of a laptop, should probably not switch it. Maybe they overlooked something there, I don’t know. Probably best if you report it to Naim support.


I have discussed it with my dealer, to see if it had been noticed by them, it hadn’t. They said they will pass it on to Naim. No doubt someone from Naim will read this thread and investigate too. Not a big issue but did make me wonder why it was happening until I worked out it was the laptop starting from being powered down. My dealer was a bit surprised that one of the beta testers didn’t pick it up as he thought they normally did on issues like this.

I wouldn’t rely on that if it bothers you, one would think so but it seems not always the case


There are not that many and BT is not the most frequent source. Even if someone used it, this issue might have rather specific preconditions to reproduce. We have had highly specific BT issues slip thorough the net before

Regarding the automatic switching for BT, the last update for me added a function to the ND555 where the BT input was disabled BUT if a BT device that had been paired previously (In my case my TV) was activated to work via BT then it would just work even with the input still showing as disabled and not showing on the app screen. If this is the case and the input is off when not in use and then only activated when needed it seems sensible to me. I no longer need to fiddle about selecting the BT input on the app to get sound. I had a question surrounding any degradation of sound with this new mode initially but as the input is off there is no more I could do anyway!!

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It definitely has improved the bass /mid bass area. I’ve been listening for a few days now and it’s very enjoyable.

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