First Day in Forum, cable advice needed

Hello - Today is my first day on the Naim forum. I did a search and read many threads. My system is currently
Ayre-cx-7eMP CD player, Supernait 3 and Totem Forest Signature speakers. I’m looking for cable guidance before moving forward and before running in the new amp. I have Wireworld Eclipse 7 interconnects and speaker cables. I also have Audioquest Colorado RCA cables, Audiquest Cheetah Interconnects and Cardas Golden Reference cables RCA Interconnects. Should I use these or will they damage my Supernait 3?
Other manufacturers cable suggestions are welcome, by all means.

I also searched for the topic of matching the Supernait 3 with a Hicap NON DR and a DR model. Seems the consensus was split. I really want the highest performance. Your feedback is appreciated.

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Interconnects are generally unproblematic, the issue is with unsuitable speaker cables.

The Wireworld Eclipse 7 are said to use “the patented Octo DNA Helix design”. On pictures it looks like a braided litz-like design, which typically is unsuitable:


And on a German shop site I read, machine translation:
"David Salz was able to perfect the DNA Helix technology known and unique at Wireworld with multiple applications and the use of innovative materials. It is an arrangement of flat conductor batteries stacked on top of one another and insulated by Composilex 2, which are twisted like a DNA strand according to a specific pattern. This results in an ideal, closely coupled and parallel signal path that forwards the finest music signals in high-resolution form. "

Use with caution and at your own risk, IMHO. As usual, electrical specs of the cable seem not to be published, at least could not find any, so can’t say for sure.

(Not sure why so many people think that Naim knows how to build amps but are totally clueless about the speaker cables that fit their amps. If I am reading this right, these are $1550 for a 2.5 m pair. Just get NACA5 :slight_smile: Or the Tellurium Q Black II or Witchhat that many people like and seem to work well with Naim Classic amps)

Edit: and welcome to the Forum, sorry if I was being a bit harsh, always this question :slight_smile:
And as others have said, RCA-to-DIN interconnects are preferred where possible

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RCA to Din would be the preferred method when connecting non Naim to Naim. As for HIcaps, don’t go non DR with a Supernait3 as it uses DR regulation within already so this would be a step backwards…

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Welcome Gracie. I’ve edited your thread title a little. You may wish to have a read through the forum FAQ, especially the thread about Naim speaker cable.

Suedkiez - Thank you for the candid reply. I offense taken. I’m looking for guidance and you’ve given me optiins. I can’t find the published specs on the speaker cables either. In addition, Wireworld doesn’t seem to be replying to emails. Maybe due to Covid-19. I’ll research you suggestions.
Best regards

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Thanks. If you search the forum for NACA, Tellurium, and Witchhat, you will find more than you want to know. Stock up on coffee before starting :slight_smile:

Naim branded cables and interconnects are not just your safest option but rarely dissapoint in terms of performance. Avoid diving too far down the cable ‘rabbit hole’ at this stage of your HFi journey would be my suggestion.



Popeye - Thanks for the Intel on the power supply. However, I had intended using DIN at the Niam connection. Can I use XLR from the Ayre to DIN or is RCA to DIN preferred?


Thank you, Mr. Dane. I will explore that link.

Thank you, Bruce. I did quite a bit of research and read most agree with your assessment.
I’ll look into the Naim options for Interconnects and speaker cables.

Suedkeiz, I will certainly research your recommendations.
Thanks again

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The Ayre’s XLR outputs are balanced, and should not be used. Use the two phono sockets and ideally connect to Din on the Naim.

hungryhalibut, Thanks you for the guidance. I’m moving away from an all Balanced Ayre, Levinson system with all XLR connections. So I’m a fish out of water and want to get it right the first time. In addition, everyone here has been very helpful today, thanks. Knowing just what I’ve learned today so far will keep me on the correct path.
Best regards

If in doubt a decent quality pair of Chord speakers or Naim’s own speaker cable should b fine. There are users on this forum who really rate Totem and Naim . I have used Chord with Naim for around twenty years

I think Bruce W has got it right when he says "avoid diving down the cable rabbit hole"

Your CD player is a good one, avoid the XLR outputs and as Suekiez says "Interconnects are generally unproblematic " so if you have more than one , find which one suits best

PS Welcome to the forum, we are a very friendly bunch
PPS I loved your comment to hungryhalibut about being a fish out of water, it made me smile :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

This is very good advice for @Gracie.1 …….buying the never ending boxes was easy compared to moving away from standard Naim cables……at any price point.
Welcome Gracie.

Ian2001 - Thanks for the well wishes and advice on cables. Glad you smiled! Chord interconnects seem to keep popping up on my radar. Any particular cable you like that is still in production?

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Garza, Agreed! The forum is very receptive and appears very helpful. More like enlightened!
I’ll head the warning earlier about using Wireworld speaker cables so I think I’ll go with the NACA5 for a while as it is affordable. I’ll get a base line on things, learn more from the community and make incremental changes. I’m still considering interconnects.


Apologies, Gazza on the typo.

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…and welcome !

The NAC is fairly stiff, good sound / You have a very good system and it’s one I am sure will give you a great deal of pleasure

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