First Day in Forum, cable advice needed


Just slow down! Get your A5 to try, let everything burn in and enjoy the music. Don’t think about new kit until y

Biwiring is a topic well covered in the search if you explore the Forum. The simple answer (if you want to save time) is don’t bother, and it may even damage some Naim amps.


Be aware that Richard says that NACA5 needs a long time to run in and be at its best, and he thinks that many comparisons are done too early. Cable burn-in is somewhat of a controversial topic and it’s up to you :slight_smile: but to rule that out it would be best if your dealer’s demo had some use on it

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Thanks for the warm wishes to the community. 99

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Thanks! My dealer has NACA5 on the and broken in. I’ll let you how it compares to the Wireworld Eclipse 7.

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Bruce W - can you detail biwiring with Naim equipment? I’m familiar with standard setups.

I misread a post of yours. I thought you were considering bi-wiring your speakers, but realise you are not, which is fine. Keep it simple, standard speaker cable wiring is recommended.


Don’t bother with passive bi-wiring with Naim - a waste of time, money and will likely sound worse, and may cause issues with the amp. However, with appropriate (Naim or Linn usually) speakers, active bi-wiring is a different matter. You can read more about it here in the forum FAQ;

However, as Bruce advises, just get some good lengths of NACA5, well terminated, let them run in, and enjoy.


Did you get the local dealer to lend you naca5? If not, let me know. I can help you with a few dealers. I am running off brand Naim speaker cable but wanted to test naca5 against it with my new 300DR. My dealer friend dropped naca5 AND a 5m set of super lumina speaker cables as a bonus test option, free of charge. I just pay the shipping back.

FYI, I have also established a good relationship with him and send him business.


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Thanks for sharing me the biwire pitfalls everyone. I’ve used it on conventional equipment with some success but now that I am going with as much Naim gear as possible, I want to do it properly.

Planning on trying NACA5 - Definitely.

Scott - Im making a mental note. If my guy’s don’t want to help, I’ll shoot you a message.

Roger that, Bruce

Noted, seakayker

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Ooooh, an upcoming comparison between NAC A5 & Super Lumina speaker cables, perchance?
Interesting! I’d like to read your thoughts.

I have SL but always wondered how it would compare to A5 (which I had but quite awhile ago so only going on a shaky memory).

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I will update for sure. Cables to arrive next week sometime.


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Cheers Scott! Looking forward to reading what you hear.

Hello steviebee - I don’t think I’m going to swing for the fences quite yet. I’m not in position to afford the Super Lumina at the moment. (Unfortunately)

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Hi @Gracie.1 !

I don’t think you need to even consider SL for quite awhile yet. Costs an arm and a leg for one, even secondhand - I’m still limping!

Welcome to the Forum!
Keep your friends close, but your wallet closer… this place is like an Aladdin’s Cave of Temptations, lol.

Thank you- stegiebee.

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