First Turntable

Lockdown is really starting to wear me down so in an attempt to buck up Ive decided to buy a turntable (my first ever) to go with my Uniti Star / Neat Xplorers and plan on getting a pre-used Rega RP3 / TTPSU with new Elys2 cartridge (purchasing tomorrow) and Rega Fono MM Mk2 stage (purchased today).

I had initially called dealer about a P1+ but thought I would dip my toe a little deeper and love a pre-used bargain.

I understand the Star has 2 sets of analogue inputs, 2xRCA and 5 Pin Din, my first question is which is preferable to use? Do I even have a choice? Manual just says connect to analogue input.

Initially I had planned on having the TT on a Rega wall bracket off to the side but this would have involved a longer phono cable from Rega Fono stage to the Star and I understand is preferable to keep cables short? Anyone using a longer cable?

Therefore it looks like initially the TT will sit alongside my Star with each component within ~300mm of a speaker, again I’ve read this isn’t ideal for the TT maybe interference/vibration? Is this likely to cause any issues?

Thanks in advance

Theoretically DIN is better, but personally I heard no difference.
Regarding length, it’s mainly the cable to the phono preamp that must be kept short. Between preamp and Star is less critical, what length are we talking about?

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RP3, Elys2 and Fono is a great combination, congrats. I was happy with a P3 for 35 years.

Keep the cable from TT to Fono short (i.e., as is built in). From Fono to Star, not an issue if not excessive. A Rega wall bracket attached to a stable wall is great for sound. Better to have longer cable than compromise placement.

You have a choice of RCA-RCA or RCA-DIN cable from Fono to Star. Usually, with Naim amps the RCA-DIN is preferred, but is more hassle to get (made). For Fono to Star, my vote is that it’s not an issue to use RCA-RCA.


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Thanks, a cable from fono to star in region of 3 metres would allow me to get it onto a Rega wall shelf, allowing for it to run along floor

Shouldn’t be an issue, but do get a well shielded (braid) one. I’m satisfied with the Blue Jeans LC-1 one, but many will be fine.

As Suedkiez said, placement in the case of a turntable is more important.

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No problem. It will not have any real bad effect anyway, and you gain far better quality right at the source by good placement. (In other words, information lost because of inferior placement will not be recovered by the most expensive and shortest cable)

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I have a Chord Anthem 2, 2 RCA to 4 pin din (From my old Unitiqute/Nap100). Chord terminated it for me changing from RCA so would plan to get them swap to a 5 pin din if possible / cost effective and use a cheap RCA to RCA in the meantime (got my first ever system RCA interconnect somewhere).

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Seems a reasonable compromise!

I think I will set up alongside star initially with short RCA and then move to wall bracket once I’ve figured out what it’s all about. One thing we have is plenty of time at the moment to experiment.


Ok, so my new to me Rega RP3 TT is temporarily set up alongside my Star on a piece of furniture that’s staying. It sounds great to me with my 2 records that I own.

Its currently sitting on a granite chopping board that has been shimmed underneath to be perfectly level with a spirit level. I do have a Rega wall bracket due on Monday.

My question is, which of the 3 x mark the spots would be best for the wall bracket? Phono and TTPSU will be below the TT and I intend to get a blue jeans lc-1 phono cable to connect to my star (length tbd depending on final position).

My preference is position X2 but it is fairly close to the speaker, so think X3 (this will need a 3m cable).

Any advice welcomed, thanks

I wonder if you’d be better with the TT on your new Rega bracket, and the Nova on a little table beneath? Then you could lose that larger console unit from between the speakers. The mains is on the left so if the system could go there it might be simpler maybe. It depends on whether the speaker position is fixed.

One thing irrespective of where you put it all -keep the TTPSU as far from the phono stage as you possibly can.

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Ideally - you want to have nothing between your Speakers. Oops… Sorry…!

And - you want your Naim kit on some sort of proper support - not on a piece of (nice) furniture.

Sorry again… Something to think about… :thinking:

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What’s on the other side of those walls?

A more solid (outer or bearing) wall is better, but if it’s on a busy street it might suffer from vibrations.

The goal is to have as little vibration as possible. From the looks the interconnect length won’t differ that much anyway.

X2 seems the most logical if x1 and x3 are inner walls, but again. It depends

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1 and 3 are inner walls but are both brick with plaster (100+ years old).

I think my priority would be to buy some more records. Two is not much of a collection. Seeking out albums is much more fun than worrying too much about system set up. If I had to offer advice I would probably go with HH.

I’d still put it on X2, your preference anyway. Assuming getting mains there is practical as HH points out. But the most important thing is that you want to keep your phono stage as close to the TT as possible. (the cables between them as short as possible). Any other considerations should be secondary to that (within reason)

So think of where you’re going to place that. Not sure if the rega shelf has a place for it.

x1 if the only outlet is on that side of the room
x2 has a more usable width that would `accommodate a cabinet wide enough to hold everything else. That would eliminate anything between speakers (definitely more desirable) also the cable to tt can be kept short. Can you run an extension cord that far and have it still out of the way (under the radiator?). I wouldn’t necessarily seek out an audio rack but something solid and fitting for the room. As it is most of my racks are quadraspire except for the speakers , I have re-purposed two iron folding bookcases/plant holders with silicone mats on the top shelf where the speaker sits. Does that make the sq worse than it could be? I don’t know but it sounds good, so don’t be locked in to audio only.

It’s P8 eve…only 5 weeks into my new vinyl adventure I’ve pulled the trigger on a little upgrade from my pre-loved Rega RP3 / Elys2 / Fono MM which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Picking up an lightly used ex demo Rega P8 / Apheta from Cymbiosis tomorrow to go with my Aria Mk2 phono-stage. The TT will be mounted on a Rega wall bracket.

Still waiting on my new witch hat speaker cables and a new rack I’ve ordered for the rest of my system to move it away from between the speakers.

SN3 is probably planned later in the year to replace my Star…

My Apheta 3 is just back from being rebuilt and I’m thoroughly enjoying my P8.

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Looks like you’ve gone from dipping one toe in to putting your whole foot in ! You should be able to enjoy the improvement . Since you have a good dealer to work with , I’d ask his advice on the placement of a wall shelf and if you are able to clear the space from between the speakers, you should hear another immediate improvement . ENJOY

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