Flatcap 2x powering 282

Is there some information how to power the 282 with a flatcap 2x and then get the audio signal to a 300DR?
I good not find it.
It is a temporary solution.
Or is it not possible.

It’s not ideal but as a temporary solution…

FC2X Power out A to 282 Upgrade 1 socket via a SNAIC5. Leave link plug 2 in place.

FC2X Signal out A and Signal out B to the 300 via DIN4 to XLR cables.

If you have another spare SNAIC5 you could remove link plug 2 and connect FC2X Power out B to 282 Upgrade 2 socket.

NAPSC stays connected in either case.


Many thxs @james_n

Good advice also about the spare SNAIC5. Never thought of that one.

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I changed the HCDR to the cd5x
The HC who was powering the cd5x went to the stageline.
The FC2X who was powering the stageline went to the 282.
I am superised how good it sounds. Now waiting for my SCDR.
Is it worth buying an extra SNAIC5? It is not needed with the SCDR, because I will use the one of the FC2X.

As long as you have enough SNAIC5s available to use in your present setup when the SCDR arrives (as you’ll need two of them between SCDR and 282) then you’re good.

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I powered my 282 for a couple of years from a flatcap 2x when I first got it, continuing to use my Rega Maia power amp, I even hung a superline off AUX2. The sound wasn’t bad, a bit light compared to the hicap that took over, quite fast and using just half the 2x a somewhat diffuse image, which I preferred to the more focussed but small scale one (I’d describe it as tight but not in a good way) that resulted from using both output to power the 282.

Never got on with anything but AUX2 power for the superline, except a supercap, but that waited until I replaced the 282.


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