FlatCap XS

I use my FlatCap XS to provide additional power supplies to a CD5XS and NAT05XS.

However, I’m curious to know what is the full scope of this piece of equipment?

The specification & manual state that it has 4 x 24v outputs. The arragement on the rear of the equipment denotes 2x5-pin Din Power Out sockets, and 4x4-pin Din Signal Out sockets.

What is the range of options that this offers?

Who has done what to make use of their FCXS?


When I had a CD5XS and NaitXS, I ended up using it on both boxes. Some folk thought the FCXS was better used to power just one component but I preferred the dual supply approach.


Same here.

I use it to power two components. A CD5XS and a SNAXO 242

I used it in a variety of configurations when I had a Cd5x and a Nait, then a 72 and finally a 202.

I was never really of the view that it was particularly effective and much preferred a Hicap. I know others find the Hicap ‘a bit much’ on the CD5x but this was never my feeling.

I had a FlatCap XS using it on both Amp and Cd player and was never impressed with it. Even when I used it separately on each I thought it made very little difference. Sold it eventually luckily getting my money back.


It’s effectively an empty case with a small transformer and a few components in it. Out of respect for Naim it would be unfair to be too derogatory about it but it isn’t in my opinion a sensible use of limited resources which would be better invested into the core system boxes, particularly when you factor in the cost of a second SNAIC to use it on two boxes.

Having said this other forumites have a much more positive view of the FC so YMMV :grinning:

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I used mine to power both sections of 152xs pre. I found it made a definitive improvement. Interestingly I home demoed a hicap dr with the 152 and didn’t like the effect, sounded a bit forced and somehow muddied the sound. But then again it was never designed for the xs range


I run Supernait -> hicap -> hicap dr -> snaxo bmr -> nap 200 & snaxo bmr back to the poweramp of the Supernait. Works really really good.

Thinking to replace the two hicaps by a flatcap since I need the hicaps elsewhere and cant afford two more hicaps currently.

YMMV indeed. To my ears, it offered a subtle but worthwhile improvement in SQ, without changing the fundamental signature of the XS setup. OTOH adding a HiCap did change the sound much more radically, and not in a good way IMHO, but others seemed to like it. Perhaps depends on personal tastes and preferred genres. Definitely a case of “try before you buy”.


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I run the FCXS to power my 152xs and use a Hicap on my CD5.
Tried the Hicap on the 152 and didn’t notice to much improvement but when I replaced it with the FCXS much better. Definite improvement.

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This is very interesting.

Some think the FCFX is a reinvention of the wheel - minus.

Others - who seem to be XS equipment users - find that it has a positive and contributory influence.

Personally, I have identifications with both ‘old’ and ‘new’ tribes of Naim users. Also, I’m not interested in ‘what’s best’ contentions. My interest is to learn more about how people are deploying their FCFX power supplies.

Having just bought one - as I’ve said, to complement my Nat-05XS and CD5XS - I’m interested to find out how the amazing range of outputs are being utilised by others on the Forum.


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Mine is on my CD5XS and upgrade 1 of my NAC152XS.

I power my stageline and my Nat05xs with mine. Does the job well enough for me

As I said above, I used mine with a CD5XS and a Nait XS. The result was very good, it took a Supernait 2 and CDX2 (with XPS) to beat it. But I thought one of the two outputs was for a preamp, the other one for a source. I had no idea you could use two sources with it (Nat05XS and CD5XS) - I was obviously mistaken.

Yes, Sam Claus et al - It remains a bit of a puzzle. There is no categoric difference between ‘A’ and ‘B’ ‘Power’ components. However there are four - yes 4 - ‘Signal’ lines. What my question is asking is: Is this really just a ‘Dual Rail’ SNAPS that’s been ‘big’d up’ by Naim? Or are they offering us something a bit different in the usual ‘Don’t let’s talk too much about it’ fashion? I don’t know.


I have a Flatcap 2X which is similar. I currently use it with my HeadLine. I think a HCDR sounds better, but the FC2X gets the job done. Mine is older and may well need a recap. Nick

Not used Flatcap 2X, but did Flarcap 2 with Nait 5 and CD5. Much more prefered on one element. In my case I prefer it on amplifier.

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So far there is little evidence that people use the FCFX to do much more than supplementary PS duties.

Andrei - can you say a bit more about your experience, and what kind of amplifier duty your FC undertakes?

FC2 has 2 different output voltages, 22 &24 i believe. From memory it was designed for the CD5 and Nait 5. The 24V output was for the amp and 22V the CD player. The FC2X and XS have 2x24V outputs. Correct me if i’m wrong Richard Dane.

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