Focal Kanta 2 or Sopha 1 with Nova?

Hello everyone, looking for advise or opinion… I recently purchased a Naim Nova and I am very pleased so far… but… I know I can get a much better result. My Nova is currently matched with a pair of Audio Physics Tempo IV using Tellurium Q Ultra Black cables… Up until now I was almost in love with my Audio Physics… Before getting my Nova, I had a Lavardin Integrated. With the Nova, the match does not seems to be as magical. As soon as I want to push for a little more volume, it sounds too bright and definitely a little harsh. Vocals are harsh and I get too much sibilance… I know it looks terrible but it’s not… The sound is simply not meeting my expectations… So I am looking to match the Nova with a pair of Focal Kanta 2 or maybe Sopha 1. I have seen many threads that compares Kanta 2 and Sopha 2 but the Sopha 2 are way too much for now. So I am really hesitating between the Sopha 1 and Kanta 2. Any opinion? Suggestion? My room is approx 27 square meters… and is fully dedicated to my audio system. This is currently almost impossible to demo both speakers but the price (in Canada) is very similar between the 2.

Naim recommends Kanta 2. I’d probably get the Kanta 1 in your position. Better yet… find a pair of Naim S-400’s in good shape.


Hard to find S-400’s in Canada. I’d also go for the Kanta 1. I heard them with a Nova in Vancouver and was really impressed.

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My apologies for the stupid typo… I was talking about Kanta 2 and Sopra 1 (not Sopha :grinning:)

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I figured as much. Sopra 1 are a nice speakers but for some reason I actually liked the Kanta line better when I heard them with a Nait xs2. Tough choices for you especially with auditions being limited. I’d still consider a Kanta 1 over the more expensive Sopra with your setup.


Thank you marcusman. I must say you are surprising me… I thought the Sopra 1 would have been miles ahead of the Kanta 1. With my room being 15 feet wide by 19 feet long, I was looking for the Kanta 2 which seems to be ok with a room this size.

No worries. I just realized my conversion from meters to feet is a little off. You do have a larger room than I thought. With the larger room I think the Kanta 2 is the better fit. From my limited experience I thought the Sopra series deserved separates i.e 282/250 so a Nova would be a little outclassed IMHO. It’s all relative however. Yes the Sopra series is better, but in order to realize it I think separates would serve you better

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Thanks again… I believe Kanta 2 it will be. It seems like a good match with the Nova… I am definitely not planing to go back to seperate boxes anytime soon. Those days are behind me. I know for sure it is in a different league, but I spent enough $$ with all the upgrades, cables etc… I decided to go for the simplicity :smile:

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The Nova is really really good IMHO. If you can try them at home it’ll be helpful however I know in North America it isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Have you considers naca5 instead of tellurium speaker cable - I tried that in my old system and it absolutely murdered the sound although some have had success with it.

As for speaker change they are so room dependant I would council you to engage with a good dealer. My Kanta 2’s were superb in my old house 6m square room but in my new house (5m diameter round room) they are simply too much.



Canada I read - you’ll find a perfect match in the Totem range. Totem work really well with Naim. Forest Signature would be a great place to start for your room.

Thank you Cdboy. At 87 Db, I believe the Forest Signatures may need more power than the NOVA can generate to be at their best. IMHO of course

Late last year / earlier this year Naim / Focal had several bundle deals inc.

Star and Kanta 1

Nova and Kanta 2

Kanta 2
Focal claims the Kanta No2 is designed for rooms measuring up to 750ft2 (60m2), but also adds that the speakers work best in smaller rooms of up to 320ft2 (30m2)

Kanta 1
speaker that is said to be, ‘the perfect solution for rooms measuring under 270ft² (25m²).’

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Not so. I run PMC twenty5.21’s (86dB) with my Nova and it has easily enough power and grip to make them sing

May I ask if the Nova is brand new? If it is, you really should wait a month or two to let it run in. The issues you raise may well be simply because of the Nova’s newness.

You said you really liked your Audio Physic before, so you may like them just as much once the Nova has come on song. I don’t know why you have alighted on Focal - Naim partnership maybe - but there are many good speakers out there, the Totems mentioned for example. I once heard the Sopra 1 and they were horribly bright and unnatural to me, but of course you may like that. You really do need to try speakers at home or at the very least at the dealers in a similar sized room. To buy something simply because of a partnership or a suggested system would be a little foolish.

By the way, if you touch the three buttons at the foot of your post a little pencil appears. Choose the pencil and you can edit your post. You may even be able to edit the title.


My Forest Signatures were on my Nova before I moved to a 252/250 setup. The Nova will power them fine and leave room to be at their best if you ever upgrade. I run Totem Hawks on the Nova, which is a great match - though they have been discontinued. I imagine that the Tribe Towers would be ideal, I’ve heard this combo and thought - yeah that is great.

I did demo the Kanta 2 with the Nova as well, but went for the Forest Sigs.


This is a good point. Indeed, my Nova was much as described in the opening post and took a good few months to lose the harshness and fatigue of high volume listening.

Congrats on the Nova.
Madame @Naim.Marketing as Nova with Focal Kanta 2, if i recall correctly.
and seems love it A LOT.

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I do indeed. It’s a system that punches well above its weight. Treat it well and the Nova is the gift that keeps on giving :slight_smile:


My room is 11 by 18 feet, I have a Nova which is currently feeding Harbeth P3ESR at 83 and the Nova has no problems , these are notorious for being hard to drive . I was surprised at it’s competence . I feel the system needs some fine tuning, but I will get there

There was an unfortunate incident with Airplay and the speakers were fed at max volume and I almost jumped out of my skin .