Focal Powered by Naim

This seems to have launched now - with a website…

And an Instagram account all of its own…

Also a link to the various stores on campsite…

…interesting to see what crops up on both of these!

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Sorry not my cup of tea…will stick with my dealer i am not interested in a lifestyle make over.


Be good to know what they have done to develop supporting super compatible amps and speakers. This campaign won’t work if they are randomly cross selling by price point.

I think these are independent dealers, just making a commitment to Naim and Focal by dedicating a part or even all of their store to Naim and Focal. The Scottsdale store was the first to open back in 2019 and has gone well, so an interesting concept that doubtless has appeal to some dealers.


Focal Powered by Naim luxury stores give you access to an unrivalled sound offering by combining complementary acoustic and electronic solutions from Focal and Naim Audio. Aligned with the values of both brands, these stores are experiential and luxurious, with a global outlook.

I called it in December:

To me I’m sorry to say that it’s a bit like the Ford Cortina powered by a Lotus engine, back in the day. It had nice Lotus badges and an attractive exhaust note, but ultimately it was just a Ford Cortina and not a Lotus. The concept didn’t last long.

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Like @Gazza I’ll certainly be sticking with my usual dealer but I see this as little different to the Linn store in Glasgow.




I think it’s just about broadening appeal… I see it as a positive.

There’s no coincidence in the locations chosen - these are places with more high net worth individuals that you can shake a stick at. Naim Statement with a nice pair of focals? …well, seeing as we are in a luxury showroom, and you’ve offered me some champagne and a round of golf - I’ll take two…

…and what’s good for Naim is good for us right? …I don’t think we are seeing the start of a race to the bottom a la Quad or Audiolab.


But is still considered iconic 50 years later…


Think most of us here will be sticking with and supporting their existing dealer. While I get the concept imo it’s a complete different market, people more interested in brands than anything else.

I think it is very interesting there is not a dealer signed up for this concept in the UK so far. I would have thought a London dealership would have been interested but seemingly not.

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It’s more a Focal store than Naim. As this pic can show, Lyon / France shop.


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I went to the one in Lyon (France) nearly one year ago. It was already a store with Naim and Focal only.

The guy here was very nice, much nicer than other guys from other store selling Naim in Lyon (only my personal preference here).
I left my SuperUniti to replace the screen.

Would be definitely the first dealer I would go now in Lyon to check Naim product.


Looks like a defensive wall :soccer::joy:

Or maybe a chess board. High value pieces behind the cannon fodder :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


It is - it’s the sort of concept my old friends in Yellow, or their mates across the park in Green would go for. Concession models float their boats.

Experiential. Twaddle.


I don’t even know what that means, in Yellow/Green?

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So you’re in favour? …or not? :joy::joy:

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I don’t have a dealer and have never had one preferring to source my own equipment I find it cheaper that way and also more enjoyable but having said that I’ve got nothing against stores like this they are just the modern way.

With these bigger, international lifestyle stores companies like Naim and Focal are able to make more money and develop better products for you all to enjoy so don’t knock them too much although one inevitable product of this global trade will be global production sites.


Selfridges and Harrods - sorry! …retail speak!

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