Football season 2018/19 - the run-in


@mds. well that was a real ding dong last night in some very trying conditions. Luton definitely had the first half & should have been 3 goals to the good but a bit of re-jigging by Mr Jackett to start the second half made for a different game. A good game, good crowd, two good teams (I can see why Portsmouth have been top for so long & should definitely be there at the final shout) and a real game of score one, let one in. A classic.


Rubbish, West Ham. Rubbish!

Liverpool are going to destroy us next week… :sob:


Whilst I do hope we win, any team on top of their game can beat any other team having an off day …


Glad VVD is playing…


Hi Paul. I watched the game on iFollow and compared notes today with a Luton fan who was at the game. Conditions looked awful. I very much agree with you about the first half. Luton looked a team fired-up and full of energy and deserved a bigger lead than 1-0. I was pleased to see the impact that our new forward Bogle made in the second half. From Pompey’s point of view the penalty decision and late free-kick that lead to Luton’s 2 second half goals looked a bit soft but, as I said the Luton guy at work today, given the luck Pompey enjoyed against Luton on the opening game of the season, Luton deserved the rub of the green last night. Hope we get over our blip soon and can stay with the rampant Hatters during the rest of the season.


Mmmm… maybe not now.


You know how commentators sometimes use that phrase, ‘will linger long in the memory’ when they refer to games… the 1-1 between Saints and Palace at St Mary’s this evening won’t be one of them.


The FA Cup’s brilliant, isn’t it? First of all that amazing game between Newport and Boro last night, now this Baggies v Brighton replay, which has started to spark into life in its last 15 minutes…


Fun times being a Wrexham fan. Third manager of the season in absolutely extraordinary circumstances. Spent my lunchtime reading about it with my jaw bouncing off the floor. Never a dull moment.

Wonder if a team has ever got promotion having time through three managers.


that is just plain crazy Mike…it is not as as if you are having a bad season?! Interesting to see that you also had Mike Newell…had being the term since he is away as well!


So, we lose Ricketts to Shrewsbury despite all his talk of us being a long-term project. Before he upped sticks he wanted assistant Barrow to be on the same length contract as him. Ricketts walks and we keep the Barrow deal on the table as we’re confident Dennis Lawrence is our man having agree terms with Trinidad and Tobago. The two worked together previously at Wigan and Everton so big Den has no problem there.

Then Den changes his mind. Barrow doesn’t want the job but after two weeks changes his mind. Barrow becomes manager and Newell, out of football for six years, becomes the new number two. The fans are outraged by the latter. We’re fan owned and Newell’s little sexist incident killed his career. He’s not been popular with the players either apparently.

By the 12th of January we’ve acquired our targets but Barrow has changed his mind and doesn’t want the job. Club board revert to our previous model of appointing good young coaches with no track record and approach Bryan Hughes. He accepts the post. The Trust Board who appoint the club board claim they know nothing, and had no hand in, the recruitment of Barrow or Hughes. One Trust member resigns. More to follow? Meet the manager event last night explained much of the above but asserted both that the Trust board did know of the process and that it didn’t matter if they didn’t.

Very strange times. Win tomorrow and we could be back to second place depending on other results.


isn’t that just West Ham, you got to love em


Yes @paul2 - It truly is “The West Ham Way”…



Well if that result hastens giving Sarri the boot then so much the better. Joke appointment from the off. We rode our luck first half of the season and he’s now been found out. Way out of his depth.


Credit Spurs tonight. I didn’t rate their chances against Dortmund but they thoroughly deserved their first-leg 3-nil lead. Even Sissoko looked half-decent.


Going to be a long week.


It seems that this thread is mostly about premier league but there is football also outside/beyond that…


There is a far more interesting world behind the EPL. The National League is probably the most competitive and also the hardest to get out of.


Not sure there will be a better Saturday than us winning our 1st away game in 4 months; coming from behind for the 1st time all season and no-one else in the top 7 winning.

Oh, I forgot. It looks like Keates is heading for the sack with Walsall and Ricketts with Shrewsbury.

Life is good.

Could all change on Tuesday night but that’s the joy of competitive sport.