Football Season 2023/24

Thanks @JohnF. I’m working from home and the only strenuous part of that is using my lungs to talk on the phone periodically. That said I’m increasingly taken aback by the impact and the difficulty in distinguishing symptoms such as night sweats and rib pain. Have finished the antibiotics but that of course doesn’t guarantee it’s bacterial so it seems as though I have to make a judgement at some point as to whether I appear to be slowly recovering or there’s other things wrong.

Typically I missed our best performance of the season.

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Harry is doing a bit of moonlighting tonight

I’ve no right to say this beyond being the person who started the thread as these things go where they go but it would be really nice if we could keep this as far away from banter as possible. Newcastle in Europe etc. will be fascinating but let’s enjoy it and discuss it in the tone we’ve managed so far rather than via provoking other teams with funny images etc. Thanks.

Great goal scoring celebration from the Chelsea youngster (yet another one of yours @Jamiewednesday) - with apologies to Saints fans.


Yes, young Omari, good lad, good player. As is CHO at Forest and Cesare Casadei at Leicester and Harvey Vale at Bristol Rovers and Charlie Webster somewhere in The Netherlands. Even Romelu Bloody Lukaku scores at Roma.

It’s funny how we can’t find a place for all these fellas scoring goals for everyone else after we sell them or send them on loan somewhere…!


We have been impressed - skillful good attitude - so far he’s played Right 10, Left 10, wide right and (briefly) right wing back. The loan system working well - we get a good hungry player, he gets better football under a modern manager known for developing players.

The only good thing about tonight’s game at Carrow Road was the fact I decided to watch it on tv!
The result didn’t surprise as we were fairly awful against Stoke.
Since Sargent’s injury we seem to have lost our threat and movement which has slowed are passing game to a clueless crawl.
Let’s hope the new share proposal leads to a brighter future.