Football Season 2023/24

WBA & Saints expend an awful lot more energy to achieve exactly the same result as Norwich, LUFC. 2 games, zero goals. All to play for.

Got my ticket for Friday at SMS.

I still think that we are not good enough. But, hey, ho. One can’t argue with the £millions. Ker ching!

As to Thursday.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
Being philosophical if it doesn’t go well next Thursday we’ll be saved a season of embarrassment next year.

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Well, lets hope Ashley is back…


Interesting how we see things differently. I saw a game played in such heat that neither team could contemplate playing flat out as they might wish. As a first leg, and likely having seen the disastrous first legs certain other teams have already had, it would have been suicidal for either team to over commit so early.

Grauniad live blog was as entertaining as ever but did note pre match that whilst Leeds might not miss Bamford the marksman they would miss him as a pivot as would Norwich miss you know who :slight_smile: It mentioned that Norwich had the 5th best attack in the division and Leeds the 4th best defence but both teams were lacking their only players who could play with their back to goal so, taking all that into consideration, a low scoring match was expected.

For a neutral it wasn’t flat out but it was tactically interesting. How much could Leeds press without suicidally being caught on the break. Both teams had exciting players up front who had no clue what to do without their pivotal player. The guys who create the space for them to operate in. Heard strong rumours that Norwich took a huge risk with Rowe against medical advice too. Will be interesting to see if that comes back to bite them.

Graun assumes that Leeds home form will likely see them through. I see the opposite. A feisty enthusiastic Elland Road crowd might well demand exactly the sort of attacking performance which could hand the decisive moment to Norwich.

“Wow what a game, only just got my breath back, fantastic advertisement for the championship…… easily the best game I have watched since Israel 0 San Marino 0”

A fairly apposite view, plucked from the after match comments on the Beeb match page.

Total borefest.

M.O.T. :roll_eyes:

Sorry Mike, not being able to watch on TV, I avoided it completely until it was over.

Therefore, all I know about it was a couple of online opinions I saw after the event.

Hope you don’t think worse of me for trying to look on the bright side at your expense.

Can’t honestly say I’m holding out much hope for the second leg. Been down this road with City far too often in the past 40+ years & it usually turns out to be a cul-de-sac…

Not at all :slight_smile:

You have no idea how intolerable i’m going to be if Barnes plays the 2nd leg and you win :grin:

It’s interesting how most fans see snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as the norm for their club and yet not winning stuff has to be the norm as by definition there’s only 10 EFL teams who can get promoted and 3 other trophies to be won.

My recall of the playoffs has always been massive tension in the first game and then more of the same but with extra quality or desperation in the second leg. The National League play offs in recent years have been brutal one leg affairs and I must say that I preferred it. You always got a flat out game of all or nothing.

As I said previously, good luck to all (except WBA ;)).

Oh I think I have Mike!

I even hope you have the opportunity.

Sure this is true, but I honestly believe no other club in the football league has turned it into the art that we have. I think this is due to the fact that, for the majority of my 45 year support we have been in no-man’s-land… not quite good enough for the top league but a bit too good for the lower league. Working hard to become established as one of the big boys & usually blowing it, often unexpectedly.

Whilst the stadium capacity is now a little low (but our roof doesn’t leak), everything about the club, other than the team itself, says ‘Premier League’. The stadium is well maintained, the training centre & facilities top class &, for most of my 45 year period, the club has been well run by most standards. Norwich is an impressive city in itself & is large enough to support a regular top tier side.

The occasional ‘victory from the jaws of defeat’ doesn’t seem too much to ask for after being the ‘nearly’ men for much of the past 45 years. Not really expecting us to ‘do’ a Leicester but an FA cup & European place shouldn’t really be beyond us.

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…I honestly believe no other club in the football league has turned it into the art that we have

Might take issue with that… IIRC, Saints held that dubious honour in our relegation season. :laughing:

Prior to Delia we were founding members of the premier league, qualified for Europe three times, spent the majority of our time in the top division and held considerable land assets.

I am absolutely sure that she helped develop the new web site

:shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

Well, 3-0 down at half time & the Norwich forum are saying some very uncomplimentary things about Barnes.

To be fair, they aren’t being very nice about the other 10 either (11 if you include the manager).

Big occasion, here come Norwich…

At least we won’t be embarrassing the Premiership next season. Will be to busy fighting relegation from the Championship on this embarrassing showing.

Hope we can fight off the offers for all our superstars over the summer.

Mind you, it’s only halftime so still hoping…

Must admit I’ve changed channels. There is little joy in being proven right.
Farke streets ahead of Wagner.
To think that five years ago we were a better team than Aston Villa.
With no parachute payments Delia will be selling anything of value to pay off the debt. I think there’s every chance of us going into administration or falling foul of the financial regulations.

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Yes, not a lot to look forward to is there?

Wonder why Arsenal let Knapper go?

I hope Attanasio now takes over and gives Knapper the backing to make a much needed overhaul.

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Well, you’re not suffering as badly as MK Dons did against Crawley in their L2 play-off semi.

Thanks, that makes me feel much better…

Makes two of us, but after tonight I wonder if he will be looking to sell his shares, believing there is little he can bring to the party?

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As I was trying to say to @mikehughescq , there is no team that can fail as spectacularly, or as often as us.

Sorry Mike, produce all the stats you like, I won’t be convinced in the slightest.

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