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Its working in that you can go in & read, but the search facility does not work & that to me is a must have for any archive.



As mentioned by people above, it will take a little while for the archive to appear for everyone, we’ll have a look to see if there is anything we can do this side to give it a push.

The search function currently searches the post title. We know that the function is quite limited at the moment and we are planning to add further functionality going forwards.

Many thanks


I’m surprised that the DNS is taking that long to update… not working for me either. However does anyone have the raw IP address of the forum so I can use that instead?


and see what the address is.




an F5 did it for me yesterday.


I’ve just looked at a few threads in the archive, and in pretty much all cases, there are posts missing.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback, we’ve messaged you privately for some more information. Once we have this we can investigate further and look to resolve the problems.

Many thanks


Got it, have replied with an example.


Chris, bear in mind that just before the old forum closed some people had requested that all their posts be removed as is their right under GDPR.


Richard, that might explain it. I guess some threads are going to look a bit disjointed where there are replies to invisible questions.


Yes, but sadly there’s nothing that could be done about that.


On the plus side, the photos look bigger and better in the archive than they did on the original forum pages, which is nice.


Indeed, but I wonder if a quick explanation of this somewhere would be worthwhile, as I suspect the omissions might be questioned repeatedly over time, as more people use the search?


Thanks for the extra information, as Richard explained this could be due to people requesting removal of data or that they removed the posts themselves before the old forum closed. We will look into this further though!


I’m fairly sure this does not explain the omissions I’ve seen. In fact, there is a thread with one of my own posts missing, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t invoke my GDPR rights.


Working for me now as well :slight_smile:



OK, I don’t know what’s happened there then. Best follow it up with Naim.


I was assuming that @NaimAdmin would pick it up from this thread…


It seems that on the old forum archive the search function found the word only in the title of the topic.


Yup, should do.