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We’ve been looking at feedback provided by our beta testers and using it to improve the forum and whilst it’s in its infancy we would like to extend this to this opportunity to all users. This new forum includes a whole host of new features and improvements and we would appreciate your feedback on all areas of functionality. We will read all your suggestions and if they are plausible and will bring a benefit to the platform, we can look at ways to implement them.

Please leave any feedback on this thread.

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Well, after all my misgivings, this new forum is accessible so far with my screen reader, thank you.

It is a bit of a faff to navigate just now but this may get easier as I get used to it.

One thing, I cannot for the life of me find out how to edit my profile with my current equipment setup.



Hi Allan, thanks for your message. If any accessibiliy issues arise please let us know and we can work to try and resolve them. I’m not sure if this matters with a screen reader but there are a couple of different themes which may make it easier to use: How to change the theme of the Forum

You may find it easier to navigate if you change your default home screen, there are a couple of options which may be preferable for yourself. You can find information on this here: How to change the homepage layout

Unfortunately there isn’t a section on the profile to fill in the details of your system, we would recommend using the About me section. Many thanks


Hi Allan,

If you click on your avatar at the top right of the page, then on your name on the next page, then “expand”, that’ll open up a box where you can enter your system info.

Did mine this morning, and it’s just a different route than before, but I’m quite liking the layout of the new forum, and seem to be getting used to it already … which, for me, is saying something! :joy:


Been receiving emails that looked like spam and have deleted them, after finally setting up my new account it seems they were legit. Would have been a better idea to make those “invites” a little more genuine and less spam like. It didn’t help that they arrived with about 5 other spam emails. Even asked my dealer and the distributor and both told me to delete.

Apart from that all looks good, it’s a bit of a disappointment that you can not enter your system like before.


The notifications appearing as though they come from the member who posted them as opposed to Naim are a real pain.

I don’t like that at all.

The support for markdown is good.

But the interface is cluttered and clunky compared to older one. Especially on handheld devices.


Is there a way to increase the font size for reading, I could do with the font being approx one size larger.


The old forum had a daily update notification facility, which would send an email at 9am listing new topics in the previous 24 hours, which was useful. I haven’t yet found an option for that - does it exist? And if not, is it possible? Of course, early days yet and it would have been pointless at 9am today!


Not that I can find, but I agree, there should be.


Muting a thread doesn’t work in the Android application. Threads that have been muted are appearing in the lists.


It’s probably me missing the obvious, but is it possible to go straight back to the opening post on any given thread with one click?


Almost - just grab the slider on the right hand side and push it up to the top. Essentially it’s just one click…


Thanks Richard, simple really once you know


I seem to have lost my user name in the transition and can’t find a way to change it back?


Additionally, I have discovered on an Android phone the post count at the bottom of the screen showing for example 6/12 can be tapped once to reveal the ‘slider’ and you can use it from there.


Hi, you can change your username by following the below images.


Thanks but there is no ‘pen’ or option to change showing against my user name.


It may well be an admin/moderator only function. Anyway, after our messaging I’ve now changed your username for you.


Hi, Just to clear up this function is available until 3 days after registration. Many thanks