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Just to say that I am using this app much more than I expected. It seems to be a useful contribution to the forum.


Unless I’m stupidly missing something, the new forum seems to offer listings by newest post, not by newest thread as was the case in the old forum. I find the old way much easier to navigate since you could first find the thread you want to look at, and then click on it to view all its’ posts in ascending date order. Any chance of an option to sort by thread? Thks - Bob


Where is the option to create an Avatar?


Some threads can be very long, where can one have the option to go straight to the last post or last page as can be found normally on other forums? Thank you


It should be in your profile preferences.


You should be directed to the first unread post in a thread. Otherwise you can quickly navigate to either end of a thread by click and swiping the navigation slider on the right hand side of the thread.


I notice that Richard has been promoted from “Moderator” of the old place to “Leader” of the new.

The career path would, I assume, be:


Our Glorious Leader

El Presidente

King of the World

Master of the Universe…

10 points to Gryffindor for anyone who gets the musical references for the last two…


Then either David Cameron or Tony Blair, Yikes!


The wind of time is blowing through him.


And it’s all moving relative to me
It’s all a figment of my mind…

(Ahhhhh, Southampton Guildhall, ‘72 or ‘73)

OK, that was the easy one…


In your account -> settings -> preferences -> -> interface -> text size (just below the colour theme) you get five text size options.
Regards alan


Thanks Alan, that has improved everything!


It’s great! (From one who remembers the pain of the Hoopla transition)

One thing I’d ask is if we could have ‘so and so has liked your topic’ as an email - ie an email soley for ‘likes’.


What, no feedback badge :joy:?


The app Forum seems identical to the web version, or are there differences I’m not seeing?



Thank you for your reply. The navigation slider on the right hand side of the thread is useful if the thread was divided into pages or if the thread was of short to medium length. But the thread appears not to be divided into pages so long threads will go on for ever thus making the navigation slider a cumbersome task. If for example a thread is e.g. pages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and I wanted to return to an issue raised in the page 4 I simply press page 4 option and find the relevant post. However on this new system I have to navigate from last post back all the way to the relevant post, it feels like a reference book without an A-Z index? Maybe I am missing something with this new system, but at the moment it feels like we have gone back in time with technology in regard to precision and speed.


Graeme, I can’t see any real difference either, although I suppose if you subscribed to multiple forums on the same platform the shortcuts would be useful.

Having said this I do like using it on my phone, for iPad use I just use a browser.


The app and iOS/Safari versions are identical, but the desktop version (which you can also opt to use on iOS) is different.


Having really enjoyed the old forum with it’s massive amount of advice and useful information I am struggling to understand why it has been killed off. I feel the heart of the naim user community has been ripped out. There is information in there that I still want to access. Posters I enjoyed reading.

There is no explanation given why it was killed. Very arrogant.

If indeed it was necessary for technical reasons to move to a new forum platform the two should have run in parallel for a couple of years with a pop up warning that users should start to use the new one.

I fail to see any significant advantages with the new layout. Looks pretty standard to me. Nothing earth shattering that could justify the change.

Sorry to be a pain, but I am disappointed. Am I the only one?



After my original concerns I have to say I’m enjoying the new. Give it time.


Thomas an explanation was given on the old forum, and I added to that in my post on here;

The old forum was never ideal for purpose - We probably should have done something like this sooner, but there were difficulties. We didn’t want to lose all the old info and we were led to believe that this was inevitable if we moved, as it could not be ported at all easily. Finally we reached agreement that we could have the old forum content for an archive and start afresh with a new forum that is far better structured and arranged for our needs and should give an improved experience for members. All the posts and information from the old forum is being archived and should be available for search within the next few weeks. Sorry you’re disappointed. It’s early days. We are all working hard to make this place work the best we can make it. If there are things you don’t like or would like to see improved then please do say.