Fraim black anodising change color?

Just got another second handed Naim Fraim lite shelf. I noticed though that the black legs have shifted dramatically in color. The backside of them are ink black but the fronts are almost gold-ish in color. Never read or heard these parts gets tanned by age.

Anything wrong here or this is expected when purchasing used Naim Fraim shelfs?

Never heard or seen this before……i just got some second hand fraim…….and they were black all round.

I’m wondering if the legs have been exposed to strong sunlight at some stage?

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I have purchased second hand shelfs two times before to my system and never seen any differences between them. This one stands out by a lot.

Maybe @NeilS could comment, perhaps a faulty batch in the past?

Possible those legs were exposed to ultra violet light too long. Or that particular batch was not done properly in the manufacturing process.
All black anodizing is subject to heat and ultra violet tho some fair better than others.

You mean daylight in a normal room environment or something else? I guess that if they where sensitive to normal daylight UV in a normal living room most of us would have this issue :man_shrugging:

Not happy with the seller not commenting on this defect…

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I should have said direct sunlight. I know this because it happened to me on my gear and someone else’s too.

It’s a good idea to keep your black gear away from a direct sunlight. ( just in case )

Absolutely — shocking actually!

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Not expected at all. Seller should have made that explicit.

Ok, so… tell the Seller this - and arrange to return the Item - Not As Described.

I have quite a few of these and most are completely the same shade/colour, but i do have one set that is very slightly different, as in its a bit lighter and only really shows up if you place them together and certainly nothing like the one above in the picture.
Never seen one like that before

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Maybe the rack tries to tell you something, like : “ please, i really want to support the new anniversary grey line ! “

I’ve never seen the black anodised legs look like that. Are you sure they are genuine? i.e. not silver legs that have been “converted” by someone to black? If they are genuine, I’d guess that Naim would want to know, but if you’re buying them secondhand, probably best pass here and leave that to the original owner to sort out with their Naim dealer.


I have seen one or two SuperUniti encoder knobs turn that colour, so it can happen to black anodise.

Never seen Fraim legs like it though.

I’m unsure what the cause is, but excessive UV exposure seems likely. Perhaps the previous owner had a system in a conservatory or orangery?


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I’m not sure how I can verify if they are genuine or not but glad to help if I can. Shelf came in the original box but the distributor label on the box is one that was active in Sweden many years back.

The backside of the legs are deep black as you can tell from the pictures. Only the front is bleached. The private seller stated “in beautiful condition” which we all seem to agree on is a false statement in this case.

I have bought some additional Fraim shelves over the years and have one leg which is certainly blacker than all the others. It can only be seen when the curtains are open and the sun is shining. Since I keep the curtains closed most of the time, it doesn’t really bother me.

Slightly more concerning is the variable black on the anodised finish on the fluted centre panel of my NAP500. Thankfully, with the curtains closed it doesn’t really show up. Even when it does I don’t lose any sleep over it.

This make me sleepless though :cry:

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It’s a very vague statement, since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The issue is not calling out an obvious flaw.

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