Fraim: how many levels is too many?

Would one Fraim base and 4 standard levels and 1 medium level be too high? I thought I read some where there was a limit but can’t seem to find it.


It’s in the faq:
Note that Naim recommend a maximum of 6 standard levels for each base.

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Ahhh, There it is! Thanks

Borderline maybe???



Thats my current configuration. I have a tt on top which is perfect height for cueing but the stack does stand out visually in the room… luckily its behind where we sit so not in our eyeline.

I am using four levels, plus my TT setup on top. It’s just high enough to keep my Rottweiler’s interest on other things, and while his tail can dust the Naim box faces, it doesn’t quite reach the TT.


Your system looks great with the Black Fraim!

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Similar in my system - 2x 4 standard Fraim.

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Aoch - I wasn’t aware of the 90kg limit per stack - perhaps more pertinent than the number of shelves. I must be close to tripping the light fantastic on one of mine.


Per the original question, I would say that 4 standard levels and 1 medium should be fine. Firstly it’s not as high as 6 standard levels and secondly I used 2 stacks of exactly that combination for many years with no problem (the medium level one side to accommodate the 500 and the other just to create 2 stacks of equal height for the symmetry)!


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Light a candle on level 8 then name the film :blush:

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