Fraim logo/decal

Tried to find replacement Naim logo /decal for bottom shelf on fraim. Think it departed company with shelf and mrs vacuumed it up :frowning: It is possible to buy replacement decals. Looks uneven :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes, ask your dealer.

I ripped mine off. Looks better without, IMO. I thought my matte black ones looked rather cheesy compared to the rest of my Naim kit.


Interesting! I bought my Black Fraim pre-owned and figured it didn’t come with a Naim logo.

I have two black Fraim bases. The logos were matte black. There is a silver version as well.

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Agree 100%
Have my Fraim for years. Few days ago figured I’d place the Naim logos on upper base shelf.
Thought it looked wrong. Pulled them off after 5 min.
Like getting a nice shirt with brand logo - not for me


Thanks. I’ll inquire about it when I order a new level.

Thanks for all replies didn’t think naim dealers would order them

Go naked. I rest my case…


Actually that does look really good sans the label.

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My used Fraim didn’t have a badge and I dropped Naim an email and one came through the post free of charge.

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Only thing you’ll then need to decide is on which part of the base you stick the badge. Some place it on the bottom most level, others the upper level of the base. I chose the latter.

Even Naim have changed their minds, back and forth it seems;

Or perhaps they’ve just illustrated both options, and left it to you the customer to decide; upper level, lower level, just leave the badge off altogether…

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I’ve long felt that the upper base level looks better - somehow having it at the very bottom looks wrong. I have a black label on mine, though silver may look nicer. Hmm. Don’t want a repeat of the uprights debacle.


What about a label on each level for maximum Naim bling! :smiley:

I never got round to putting mine on. They’re the old Black labels and probably suit the Black uprights better anyway. Now you’ve gone back to Silver uprights, maybe the new labels will work better? Or you might decide they look better without. Does a Fraim rack full of Naim boxes with their own Naim logos really need that extra label logo as well?

Definitely on the lowest shelf looks best. Why would you have a logo one shelf up? Just looks wrong to me.

As if to prove it’s all about taste, @Count.d , I just looked at Richard’s pictures and instantly thought the exact opposite!


Here are my own Fraim stacks with old-style black badges;


Thanks again for all advice second shelf up for me, black matches legs well. Somehow it looks symmetrical. I’ll send Naim an email as trickdickie did.
Fantastic setup Richard

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If you imagine the whole 4 levels as a complete hifi unit (sealed type of thing), the logo would look best slightly up from the base. As the levels are from the base upwards and adjustable, I think the Fraim starts at the bottom and the hifi is above. Just my thoughts and yes it’s all to do with personal taste.

I had mine on the bottom - never sat well, so moved them up one. Much better.

I think it’s because they are bright silver and it just looks more balanced one up.

I do wonder if black (on black, on black) would have looked better on mine than the shiny silver.


The silver ones do kinda sit there, shouting, “hey, here I am, notice me!”

I pulled my black ones off and never looked back. Naked works for me.