Fraim rear leg - new narrow option

Issue of the width, of the rear fraim support leg, has previously been raise by amongst others @Dunc
At a 300 series demo day, MR mentioned that a new leg is (will be) available from Naim, which is narrow in width, to allow cable / plug accommodate at the back of each shelf. (Demo day report at HFL in a thread about to be posted.
I haven’t seen mention on the forum and search hasn’t thrown up any other comments. Checked couple of dealers sites and not yet being offered.
Perhaps @Richard.Dane could kindly ascertain from the factory what the release ‘ availability will be?

Anything new, I’m usually emailed or informed at the same time as your dealer. I haven’t had any news on this yet.

I will ask Paul at HFL to ascertain when the new version will become available.

edit - Paul at HFL has confirmed rep Darren, is ascertaining availability; more details to follow.

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Does anyone have any information regarding a rumour regarding a new ‘slimline’ Fraim/FraimLite rear support to remedy i/o and speaker connections on the NC series?

Or is this just wishful thinking on the part of NC owners trying to install their new kit into their existing Fraim?


I started a thread recently on this.
I will try to post a link.
Search “Fraim rear log - new narrow option”
Perhaps @Richard.Dane can merge the threads?


Please feel free to do so.

I picked up the rumour from another Naim dealer whilst discussing replacing my SL speaker cables with something more flexible with smaller connectors; eg Naim amp plugs……


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Thread merged.

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Coincidentally, I’ve just heard from the factory that the samples of the standard height narrow rear leg from the supplier have been approved and are awaiting notification of lead times - the hope is to have them available sometime during Q1 of '24.


Do you happen to know if intermediate and tall legs are also being considered as an option in the thin width?

I don’t know, but will ask…

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The answer is no as the projected numbers weren’t any near enough to justify

Richard, just a thought, but you might consider also asking if standard height is going to be available in both colours. I think the one MR showed was black!
Thanks for the earlier update.

Thats a shame but can understand… was interested as the digital out of my network bridge has a sharp bend with the standard width intermediate leg.

Yup, silver and black will both be available.



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So, shall we predict when the great SQ debates start re Narrow Vs Standard rear legs…?!?
And more – which combination on a Fraim stack sounds best and indeed in which specific order…? :flushed::rofl:



might even depend on colour of leg and the shelves….whoaaa…this could run and run….the debate on legs?
i’ll get my coat.


Perhaps consider fitting a narrow leg to replace one of the front legs as well…… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. But of course only one……

Anyone heard any further news on this topic?


Spoke to Signals my dealer……its coming, but they do like to listen to prototypes at HQ😉