Fraim space

Hi all - what is the recommended minimum distance from the rear wall to the front of Fraim to allow for cables?
Many thanks

Dave, much will depend on what your cabling is like, as well as the spacing between components. Main thing is to not have cables pressed up against the wall. I’ll take a measurement this morning of my own Fraim and let you know.

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Thanks Richard. That’s helpful. Cabling is fine with my current rack (hifi racks) but I have limited room to fit the rack to ensure that it doesn’t sit in front of the left SL2.
I did a search on the previous forum and one member said 55cm was sufficient (back wall to front of Fraim) and that would work for my set up but very grateful for your insight.

Hi Dave

I have about 50cm from rear of glass to wall. On benefit is being able to get round the back to tweak the setup.


I have my Fraim so there’s 15cms of space between the back of the rear leg and the wall.

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Many thanks Richard and Phil. Will get my tape measure out later :wink:

I have 5cm of space between the back leg and the wall. IOW, it’s about as close as it can get. No problems with cables against the wall though.


How is that even possible to get the cables in …
I have 20cm and it’s tight…

The back of the rear leg sits 5cm from the wall. The back of my 282, etc still sit 18cm out from the wall. It has to do as I have no room to move the shelves forward (rug is in the way).

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12cm more than adequate here,although a bugger to measure due to overhanging turntable shelf.
Note that only “brains” stack is on Fraim. For now…

Google Photos



15cm from the rear of the back leg to the wall.

Fraim on order. Will update when delivered.

Does anyone have experience of putting Fraim Chips underneath a carpet / underlay to provide a better foundation for Fraim than the spikes going into the chipboard?

I’d like to do this but the process of siting the spikes on the chips correctly without being able to see them seems challenging! Any tips appreciated.

Many thanks

OoHi Dave,

Yeah, I have my Fraim, also my speakers, on Chips which are under the carpet and resting on a wooden floor.

To do this I set up my Fraim base where I wanted it on the carpet and then pressed it into the wooden floor such that it left small holes in the carpet and the wooden floor below. I marked the small penetration holes in the carpet with some tape with a X on it such that I could reposition the Fraim in the exact same place again.

Then rolled the carpet / underlay back and marked the holes in the floorboard with a felt pen, put the Chips on these marks and drew a circle around the Chips such that I could exactly reposition in the future if need be.

Rolled the carpet back and placed the Fraim base back in exactly the same place marked by the X on the tape on the carpet.

Then pressed the Fraim spikes back through the carpet into the centre of the Chips. By fealing around the spikes in the carpet I can locate the Chips and check that the spikes are central in them.

One other thing is that you may need to make the holes in the carpet slightly larger with a small spike (not a drill as this could seriously damage the carpet, esp if wool!!!) and these should be invisible if it is a wool carpet at least.

That’s about it.

Take you time and it should be easy if not nerve racking on an expensive carpet.

Good luck,


Thanks Richard.

I find that if you make a slit in the carpet with a sharp Stanley knife, you can push the Chip through it, and put the spike through the same slit. Once pushed back down, the carpet looks perfectly OK. I didn’t find it necessaty to pull back the carpet.

Hi Chris, thanks. I was rather hoping it might be possible without pulling the carpet back. Did you find that it made a positive difference siting the base on Fraim Chips rather than into the chipboard? I’ll try to do it if it’s worth doing from that perspective.

Fraim in position. What a beautifully engineered thing. The @Richard.Dane set up guide was extremely helpful; thank you Richard.

Just letting the boxes warm up and I’ll see how it sounds.


Looks really good Dave.

Dave, it does look good. What are you doing with the previous racks? Was it easy to position the chips under the carpet?


Hi Phil, the previous rack sold very quickly to a nice chap from near to me.

I didn’t try to slide the chips under the carpet in the end. I looked at doing it but it didn’t want to damage the carpet too much.

I now know what others mean about Fraim being equivalent to a black box upgrade. It’s quite an eye (and ear) opener. I’d resisted for many years but I can now join the group of Naim enthusiasts who “wish they’d done it sooner” :rofl:

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