Fraim with a turntable?

I officially joined the Naim community by purchasing the SN3 and a CD5si. So far, I’m beyond stoked with my upgrade from an old Rega gear, and I’m looking to upgrade my Salamander Synergy 4 rack.

Current gear:
Supernait 3
Rega RP3 turntable with a Neo TT-PSU
Bluesound Node

Near-term upgrades:
ND5 XS 2 Streamer
HiCap DR
Power Conditioner (probably an Audioquest Niagara 1200, or similar)

I looked at the Fraims, and they look excellent, but I was hoping for a double-wide to better fill in the 50" space and expandability. I was also looking at Solid Tech and Solid Steel. Aside from performance, I need it to be in the (at least somewhat) modern/mid-century vibe.

Unfortunately, the information online doesn’t say or show much aside from the basic configs, so here are my questions:

First, do the Fraim’s allow customization, double wides, etc.?
Second, does anyone have experience using a Fraim with a turntable as well?
Finally, does anyone have any recommendations outside of the Fraims?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Welcome - to the Madness…

No - there is no customisation of the Naim Fraim, AFAIK. If you want double you need 2 of them.

Yes - people have Turntables on them. Lots.

Other than the Naim Fraim - there are various other systems. Isoblue is one popular choice.


@hollowmanor welcome to the forum

Yes my LP12 sits on full fat Fraim - the cable dressing is perfect leads from Radikal hang very well and RCA to DIN on 252

I started my journey with Quadaspire and then moved to FRAIM - for me it’s another black box


Meaning = ‘full price’ Fraim - not (cheaper) Fraim Lite.

At a modest level of system, Fraim Lite or ANOther rack makes sense.

Yes full Fraim not Fraim light

If you are going to site a TT on Fraim, the bigger question is what’s the floor like?

A Fraim set up on floorboards/a floating wood floor (over concrete or boards) will be sub-optimal when compared to a dedicated TT wall-shelf (with strong fixings). If you walk by a Fraim on a non-rigid floor, chances are the Fraim will move a tad and so will the TT.


Thanks, excited to be a part of the Naim community!

I was thinking of starting with the Fraim Lite (or two) but avoiding having two separate racks if possible.

I did come across the IsoBlue, which looks great, but I should have mentioned I’m in the US (New York), and I don’t see any dealers for that line. Also, their website shows very little as well.

@Antz looks like you needed a doubled wide just for the Linn Radikal!

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You are most welcome. I have owned Naim since 1982…

Fraim Lite makes sense, IMO, for you.

Isoblue - if you cannot buy it, then look elsewhere… Perhaps a US based reader can contribute and suggest alternatives for you…?

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the Radikal sits on table top which is really usefull and my QNAP sits underneath that also - I don’t really have the room or £££ for x 2 FRAIM just as well , strip and clean once a year

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I’ve had a Rega RP8 on the top shelf of Fraim and then a Rega P10 and both were very happy “living” there. Typical American ‘suspended wood floors’ and no issues whatsoever.


I tried my LP12 on a Fraim and prior to that on a cabinet. I have suspended timber floors so I found if anyone was dancing or walking close to the turntable it would jump. Since moving to a wall bracket this problem has gone away. The wall bracket is HiFi Racks in Oak and looks the part. However, I would advise going for a metal bracket as there is no flex or deviation. I have had to use some additional packers as the wood has dropped a few mm from being level.

I have two Fraim stacks with Full Fraim bases. The Brain stack has an additional 4 Full Fraim shelves. The Brawn stack (mainly power supplies) has 2 Full Fraim shelves and 2 Fraimlite shelves but with glass, cups and balls.

Since moving from a cabinet to Fraim shelves I have found it to be a significant improvement. It is however a big layout when you have 10 boxes to accommodate.

If I had a Supernait 3 I would consider a Full Fraim and other racks available at the usual places. The Isoblue looks very sleek and cool too.


It’s tile on a concrete slab, extremely stable in that regard. TT on the wall is probably not possible with this room, as there’s a stone wall behind it.

The two Fraims look great side-by-side.

It looks like you could expand a shelf or two vertically to the Fraim if you wanted to. Is that possible?

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My turntable sits very happily on Fraim. But - as others have said - the solidity of your floor is an important factor.



Hi, if it was me I would just get an NDX2 for about the same price as the stuff on your list. Your Supernait is good enough to show off the abilities of a better source.


I ended up splitting two Fraim stacks into three. Flexibility of the modular levels is a huge plus, especially over time and with unexpected upgrades and additions.

RP10 on Fraim here. Suspended oak flooring, with Fraim in a relatively firm corner of the room.

Good luck, and welcome.


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I really like the full black Fraim. Stunning looks and fantastic system @Bart


Another vote for TT on Fraim, I do have it sitting on a HRS isolation base which has made it rock solid and unaffected by floor vibration .


I didn’t liked the effect of glass shelf of the Fraim with a Rega turntable, when I tried at a dealer place. Can’t comment for a Linn.
However I believe that the Fraim is not optimal for a turntable. But don’t ask me to prove it :slightly_smiling_face: