Fraim with a turntable?

LP12 in a Black - Fluted - plinth - !!! :sunglasses:


You are quite source weak here. I’d be looking at an NDX2 and a better TT before even thinking about Hicaps. As to stands, if you fancy Isoblue just ask them to post to the US. It shouldn’t be a problem.

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Do you turn the Neo PSU off every time you flip an LP, or do you try and grab it without suffering the struggling-motor sound?

I cannot speak for the OP but I also run three sources, and debating if I max out one (within my budget), or spend the money on amplification that benefits all of them. The only experience I have to back up that view is that when I bought my CD5 I was fortunate to hear it through my NAIT3, a NAIT5 and a pre/power combo, every step of the way was an uplift.

Not sure if that makes sense? But 1/3s on source, amp, speakers, is tricky when you have 3 sources. The OPs plan is to have ND5 XS2, RP3 and CD5si, that lot playing through a hicap supported SN3 seems worth considering. Adding the NDX2 would be a quite a step up. Obviously a demo would show if the hicap was worth it on the SN3, as I know lots here think it “only” a marginal improvement for the SN3.

It’s an interesting choice about budget allocation when you are running three sources. If I bought a NDX2, I might never listen to my TT or CD X)

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On a belt drive TT I like to pick up the LP with the platter spinning. This makes changing LPs really easy (and strangely satisfying) and with a felt mat the platter doesn’t slow at all as it just slips.

On an idler or direct drive then I usually stop the platter first. They start up and stop really quickly, with no risk of belt slip our stretch in doing so.


This is what I do. The ‘trick’ is to get your records static-free so that the felt pad gets left behind. If not, you’ll get the pad with the lp and have to peel it off the lp and replace it on the platter.

A good wet immersion record cleaning machine will take care of that static; at least it does for me.


If its a flat stone wall that’s perfect, if however like this a bit more of a challenge :grinning:


So this is what’s happening to me…mat coming off with LP. Annoying. I was hoping it would be said that it’s OK to flip/change a record whilst leaving the motor running, only because the Neo PSU is right at the extreme bottom of my rack and I’m quite tall.

It’s a Tangerine Audio ‘Stiletto’ plinth machined from solid billet of aluminium. A fantastic upgrade for the LP12. The finish is very similar to Naim kit and fits in really well. They do a version without the fluting
which really makes it look like a Naim component. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hi TT. The green thing isn’t a PSU. I have a Radikal at the bottom of this stack. The unit with the green light is an ioniser from DS Audio. It stops static build up, helping stop clicks and some other static related issues. It makes flipping sides easy as the matt doesn’t stick to the vinyl through static!

True, I found an online retailer in England that will ship the IsoBlue.

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Perfect! Looks like a Quadraspire shelf? You have more mortar and smaller stones than my situation. I’d pretty much would have to drill into the rock to make that work.

The dealer told me to give the platter a spin before turning on the Neo. My RP3 is pretty quiet, though.

@anon4489532 the NDX2 is really nice, I’m guessing the ND5 XS 2 isn’t well regarded, I haven’t heard any recommend that one.

Seeing a lot of love for Linn LP12 here (and Rega P8/P10). Those were the two TT upgrades I was considering as well.

It’s not that the ND5XS2 is poor, it’s about getting the balance right. The clue is in the name - it’s an XS level product so it would work well in an XS level system. The Supernait is the entry level product of the Classic range, and the NDX2 is the Classic level streamer that matches it.


Rega Turntables work really well with the recommended Rega wall brackets they sell. Designed to hang off the wall and are of low mass.


Very cool - that’s hands down one of the nicest looking lp12’s I’ve seen on here…, :sunglasses:


Yeah but they look like something a 1st year apprentice welder would make… I’d love to get my P8 onto the wall but if I put one on our lounge wall the missus would take one look at it and call a lawyer :joy:


These ones are laser cut so they say. :grinning:

Correct it’s the Quadraspire SVT.
If you look at the picture you can see a black panel behind rear plate. What I did was to screw 3 strips of wood onto the stone work to form a U shape checking the bottom one was level and the sides perpendicular with all 3 flush at the front and with the use of small pieces of packing they were plumb. The gaps behind the 3 strips and the wall were then filled with silicon sealant.
Next a piece of Marine ply was glued and screwed to the 3 strips of wood checking everything was still plumb.
I then screwed a nice chunky piece of timber across the front to stop the wood bowing when I filled the cavity. Cavity was then filled with mortar left to harden for a couple of days. The support timber then removed and holes filled, finally a coat of black paint to finish.
You then have a nice flat surface to screw the shelf onto. A lot of effort but the end result was well worth it, as before the deck was on my Fraim but floor was suspended so arm would bounce about.

I use an ND5XS2 and very pleased with it in my system, personally I did not feel the NDX2 was a big enough upgrade over the ND5XS2 until a power supply was added… to many boxes for me to retain domestic harmony.