I’m thinking of getting a FraimLite to house my modest Naim boxes. With the various colour options available, I’m a bit confused on what to get. I would like to request from owners if they could provide real world pictures with their black boxes inside in order for me to decide the colour combination I personally like.

Also, with all the lingering supply issues, does anyone know if there is a waiting period for the FraimLite?


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This is in black with cherry shelves. I’ve added 2 glass shelves. Mine were sent from England on order.


Mine is in natural ash with silver legs.



Hi fdm

The photo I posted , the fraim/fraimlites are in the natural ash as per Bandits also

Just to note though one side is lighter than the other so I have the lighter side facing upwards. It would appear Bandit may have the slightly darker side facing upwards

But difficult to say for sure


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A mixture of full and lite in undyed cherry, the standard cherry these days has a tint added but you could, and presumably still can, opt for cherry without the tint but it will darken slightly over time so won’t necessarily match anyway.


All black here


Hi Bevo, would you know if all Natural Ash finishes up to now do have a lighter and darker side? Nice to have that option so that if one gets tired of the current look, one can just reverse it for a slightly different shade.

Tinted cherry with aluminium legs. It’s a Fraim but the colours are what you’re after.


I’m noticing that most use the standard height of 150mm despite having XS boxes or Classic boxes. Is there are a technical reason for this, or is it purely aesthetics? I was initially thinking that taller legs would give more space, thus better ventilation to the boxes…. Or is having shorter legs better as it will have less mass / less resonance?.?.?.?

Yes I believe the ash up to now does have a lighter side and a slightly darker side , but it’s very subtle and probably something to do with the manufacturing process

I recently had 2 additional fraimlite shelves installed and my trusty naim dealer of some 36 years and myself looked at both sides and chose the slightly lighter one to match the rest albeit one of my shelves has the slightly darker side facing upwards come to look at it ha

To me the 150mm shelf height looks spot on fdm

@fdm you’ve not said what your decor is like. The all black FraimLite can be (for example) the most modern and the most classic depending on context. Modern home with very little wood, it will look modern too. Old English cottage with blackened exposed beams, it will look very classic.

Many homes in some countries go for a wood variety mixing multiple woods and stains in the same room. I’ve yet to see a rainbow FraimLite of multiple finishes but in some homes I bet it would look great.

Aesthetics here, and that when I bought mine the boxes that were going on it weren’t the top of the tree gear that apparently needs the extra space. Even now with a 552 & a ND555 the standard height looks nicer. When I see pics of normal height boxes in a large gap I have to say they look a bit lost.

feeling_zen makes a good point about matching the colour to your decor and house style.

I think mine looks darker because of light. My room has warm white ones.

The room has light green walls with wood floor with the shade of rosewood. As far as decor goes, there is practically none as its really a spare room where I just placed my audio equipment, and my listening chair.

I purchased my Fraim about a year ago in natural ash - it’s quite light in colour.


Natural ash with black here:


All black. Full Fraim, except the top left is Fraimlite (and one for top right soon).


I hope you’ll forgive me if I make an alternative suggestion. Fraim is an excellent rack and ideal for Naim. Fraim Lite, however, forgoes a lot of the features that make Fraim good, including the isolated base and the glass. As a result the bottom of the equipment doesn’t line up with the bottom of the legs, so it looks unbalanced and somehow wrong.

I swapped from Fraim to Isoblue, which sounds no worse, is available in some lovely veneers and doesn’t look ugly from the side. It’s worth considering anyway. The finish in the picture is Pippy Oak.