France Musique radio stations not working properly

Does anyone has the same problem that the sub-stations of France Musique, like Classique Plus, are not working properly?
France Musique HQ itself works fine for me.

France Musique Classique Plus Seems to be working on vTuner site and Airable.
(listened for 90 minutes without issue).

That’s strange. In my Naim app (used in the Netherlands) it is still not working.
I guess I have to ask Naim support.
Thanks for your reply.


The radio “France info” hasn’t been working either for a few days, maybe @Stevesky can do something?

Thanks for your support.

I’ve tried a few of these and see the same problem. Some streams play, others drop out after a couple of seconds.

Hi guys,

I tried it here and they worked for me. However, we have had this with the Radio France network before and comes down to that theyhave various unmonitored CDN’s typically servicing outside of France that can go ‘sick’ and need a reboot.

If we can get a bit more clarity on the situation (station + country receiving the stream) having issues and I’ll aim to write them a love letter. :innocent:



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Steve, thank you for reaching out.

I am located in the Netherlands and listening using the Naim iOS app.

The sub-stations of France Musique that are not working are not consistent, but these are examples that are not working for a few days already: Classique Plus and La B.O.

P.S. I also sent my question to support, Should I keep on doing that or first wait for your answer in the community in the future?

Hello Steve,

Station name: Franceinfo
My country: France

This station is on the same broadcast group than France Musique.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all,

Just did a catch-up with one of my colleagues who was handling this.

Radio France have restarted their servers and all should be good now.
Let me know if it’s not.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi Steve,

Franceinfo has been working again since the beginning of the week, thanks :+1: