From SN2 to 202/200dr

Hi to All,
searching in the forum some discussions appears but i didn’t find a right answer.
the local seller says that a combo 202-200dr (+napsc) will be available end dec/jan and ask to me if i’m interested.
now i’m using a SN2, really satisfactory, with hcdr (and phono stage).
i am interested but not completely convinced, i’m not so experienced in the brand and i own only integrated amp until today.
pre 202 seems better, power 200dr “only” 70w but able to manage critical loads .
my listening volume, mainly at evening, is limited by family and neighbors. so 70w are more than enough.
any infos and suggestions are appreciate .
ps : my wallet says that 282 cannot be considered :pensive:.

Hi, I would go for the 202/200 without a doubt if you don’t mind the extra boxes and have the space on your rack to set them up properly. Do have a careful listen for yourself though. To me it has a lighter touch than the Supernait which I prefer, and qualities that you only get from separates with Naim. Your ears may tell you something different. Personal preference, speaker matching and room acoustics might all affect your decision.


202/200DR would be a good step up (in particular w/NAPSC and HCDR).


I have recently gone through the same decision to either aim for a SN or 200/202. You should also be aware that most people will tell you that you need 2 power supplies for the 202/200. Making it up to a 4 box amp system. I decided that I didn’t want that so have decided to go the supernait route.

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I would argue that you absolutely do not need a Hicap to make a 202/200DR sound good. Sure, it’s better, but it’s not essential. File under ‘posts that tell you to spend more money’ alongside ‘you need a 282’.


I would agree. I have 200DR/200 + NAPSC but no HC. NAPSC, on the other hand, is pretty much a no brainer in that it gives a clear improvement for little cost.


You may get a marginal improvement but it won’t be worth it in my view. Why not spend the money on a better Rega to go with your already excellent Supernait?


hungryhalibut, my rega is fully redesign. i made a slate stone plint.

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No need for DR Nap 200 if you get a preloved HCDR, indeed new 202/200 is very expensive why not look for used kit ?
Afterservice and support are possible.

sorry, i’ve not specified that the combo 202/200dr will be a 2nd hand, but looking just new , only 8 month-old.
the hcdr is already in my hands, connected to existing equipment, so it can continue to work with the 202 : why not? checking the “connection guide” and instruction, i understand that the 24vdc output from 200dr is one, in the same plug of signal. the connection with hcdr provides 2x24vdc (L and R channels? is possible?) , on the paper seems better.

As you say, the 202 will work with your Hicap. There has been lots of debate about which is better, the SN2 or the 202/200, and the conclusion seems to be that the pre/power is a little better but not hugely better, and indeed some prefer the integrated.

The real limitation in your system is the sources. With a 202/200, and even with a SN2, your CD player is somewhat out of its depth and you may want to consider improving it. Your turntable, despite you changing the plinth, is still basic. If you improve the amp and the sources aren’t good enough, things can actually sound worse.

So I’d be keeping the Supernait and looking at your CD player and turntable. Maybe it’s worth considering a streamer to replace the turntable?

I have a Supernait 3, with a Rega Planar 10 and a Naim NDX2, which makes a nicely balanced setup. Adding a 202/200 to your CD5xs and Rega 2 would throw things more out of balance than they already are.


Agree with @hungryhalibut here - there will be a difference to the sound but not a necessarily a big improvement by changing to a 202/200.

I believe that the amp in the Supernait2 is the equivalent of a NAP200, so that won’t be much different, and my long term experience is that the SN2 pre section is very good. Indeed I use mine with a HiCapDR but also a NAP250DR which is a big jump in quality.

However… I have a CDX2.2 and an XPSDR at the front end which is excellent, and I would suggest this is really where your money should go - rather than the sideways step you are thinking of.


I had the Cd5xs/ flatcap with 202/200 . I found it balanced.

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A Flatcap on the CD5xs will make wonders.
Put the Hicap already in, on your Supernait.
Ditch the lowly Rega, a P6 is the level up.

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today system is
cd5xs + flatcap;
SN2 + hcdr
All guys are right, probably is most a side-grade than an up-grade
the P2 was lowly. after the redesign is completely transformed.
here with the last mod, a double layer glass platter.
now i’m looking for cabling, both arm and rca.

In my experience putting a FlatCap XS on a CD5XS did improve the sound, but the improvement was sufficiently marginal that I’m not sure it was really worth the money. What did transform the CD player was using it as transport into an nDAC. That makes for a very high class front end with potential for further upgrading by using an additional PS.


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That slate plinth looks very smart. That said, you can change the plinth, the platter and the cabling but you are still left with a basic arm, bearing and motor. You’d be much better getting a 6 or 8. The newer designs with the Tancast plinths are a big step forward and the electronic speed control makes a real difference.

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I moved from SN2/HCDR to 202/200/HCDR a few years back and found the latter just that bit more resolving. There’s a slight thinness to the SN2 pre stage in the upper midrange which the 202/HCDR sorts out.


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completed with “original” logo !
the capability to follow the grooves by cartridge+arm is really different now compare to the past with the original (cheap) wooden base. job starts for look requirement but the result goes beyond expectation.
but weight raise … a lot!
i like the little old 230 ac synchronous motor . only on-off without controls.
but i like also the latest p6 in glossy black …

I’ve got to agree with HH here and say keep the SN2 and upgrade the sources, what cartridge do you have on the Rega? A Rega P8 without a cart is about £1,600 even less for an ex dem add that to the SN2 and I guarantee it will blow the redesigned P2/202/200 out of the water.

I rebuilt a P2 about 18 months ago new 24v motor, Rega PSU, Delrin Platter, Audio Origami rewired RB300, upgraded feet and a clear secondary plinth that isolated the motor from the plinth so the full monty and as good as it sounded the P8 is much better.