Front panel- discolored

Hi everyone,

my XP5XS got some (looks like red) spots on the front panel / chassis . I’m wondering if some of you already experienced those kind of issue?

That looks like roseing/purpling to the anodised finish. Talk to your dealer - Naim’s QA dept. will likely want to know more about it.

Thanks for your reply Richard.

If I understand correctly, bad materials / production process caused that problem?

I will contact the shop tomorrow, power supplier has been purchased 1,5 year ago as a demo model, hope it will be repaired under the warranty.

I have the same issue with the front plate on one of my power supplies Kacper. Maybe quite a bit worse than yours in fact. Interested in Richard’s comment that it may be a manufacturing fault.

My SuperUniti looked black until I put a very late production NAT05 XS on top of it and now in sunlight it looks kind of vaguely purple against the newer black. But I think it’s part of my Superuniti’s personality. So I’m not that bothered.


A very slight purplish tint is there in a lot of black anodising if you look at it in a certain light. However, it should not be really obvious or in patches - that would seem to indicate some kind of issue. I’m no expert though, which is why it’s best looked at properly in good light and then, if need be, referred to Naim QA who can then advise what is normal and what is not.

Has any chemical cleaning agent been applied to the casework at any point?

Not at all in my instance, indeed it doesn’t even get dusted. But as I say I’m not bothered.


For cleaning only dry and soft cloth, never chemicals.

in sunlight I can clearly see that some part of the panel turned from black into the purple.

purple or green is caused by contaminant in the anodizing process. It will be visible from day 1 but uv light makes it become prominent over the first year.

My 282 is now close to shocking pink!

I have this on my XPSdr/ HCdr / NDX and 282. Apparently it needs a replacement case to resolve.

Feeling_zen, did you already contacted your naim dealer? I have heard that within the UK replacement of the faulty panels is free of charge.

I did but I live 6000 miles from my dealer in a country with no Naim presence.

To get things fixed, I still have to bear the cost of shipping to a dealer and paying customs.

To some degree, customers in remote places without official Naim service locally need to accept the risks just like if you were intent on importing sports cars not locally available.

I was told by a senior Naim manger that it was due to problems with the thrid party supplier- contamination due to a factory fire? Not sure how accurate this report was but Naim replaced my pre-amp’s pink face without question and all is well.

I’d be a little surprised if FZ’s NDX, XPS, 282 and Hicap were all affected by the same issue, but who knows?

Things happen like faults in production and as long this is replaced and the customer has no costs in schipping and or labor this is no problem. But in some countries in Europ this is not the matter. I know viavia that for example if this happens with a Naim component in Netherlands the importer of shop charges you for labor. For me this would be a reason not to buy Naim again. Naim considers its self a high end brand and for me Naim is but if shops and importeur does this to their clients it takes the name of Naim down. In Great Britain if something like this happens Naim charges no cost. But in the Neterlands its different. So please Naim talk to your Dutch importer, good service should be paramount for a brand like Naim. :slight_smile:

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They were all manufactured within weeks/days of each other.

where are you come from (which country), did you pay for anything (labor etc.) Was your device still under the warranty?

UK and under warrantee. Knowing Naim I think you’ll find them quite sympathetic. A relative of mine had an XS component in for servicing and Naim replaced the front panel even though he didn’t notice the discolouration. Contacts their service deapartment or your dealer and see what they say.

Pic please of your pink 282, feeling_zen. We all need a good shock now and then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Often I think we are generally get good customer service in the UK. My wife is French and is amazed how easily things can be returned to shops if faulty here etc . She says it’s much harder in France or doesn’t happen at all! A long time ago I had an expensive camera lens that was French and it took 10 weeks for them to repair which I was incredulous at as both Nikon and Canon have quick service system for professional photographers - with turnarounds of 7-10 days.