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I’m going to start this thread, as I have been experimenting with some of the different Furutech components, such as outlets, DIY power cord components, etc. It seems as though there is some interest on here, & not much discussion in the past.

I’ll be adding some posts when I get more time (as they’ll likely be long winded :smiley: ) about my trails as I go along. I’ll start by adding some pics of recent pieces I’ve purchased.


Excellent thread idea. Thanks.
I think I mentioned this before but I’m about to borrow a e-TP609 power distributor as my first step. An outlet will come next but I need extra outlets for my Naim gear first.

Or do you think I should get the outlet first regardless?

I made my own power cables as well, will be interesting to hear how you get on with yours


Was it very difficult to do? I will be curious about this at some point in the future.

I had an electrician come out to work on another part of the house and he noticed my old circuit breaker was bad so he replaced it. I noticed the SQ improvement hence now I want to upgrade my power everywhere and thanks to Daren for exposing me to Furutech.

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Its hard to say for sure. If you need additional outlets, I don’t think adding in the powerbar would be a bad idea. I would guess since it’ll be plugged into a standard outlet it’ll likely hold back the performance some but adding in the e-TP609 should give you an idea of what kind of impact it will have on sound & if its a direction you want to pursue. So maybe it is the better option to trial the powerbar first, as you don’t need to commit to purchasing anything, before you see what kind of impact these types of changes will have on your kit.

Building power cables isn’t hard to do but you are dealing with power, so obviously you need to have the proper abilities to do so. I took electrical, electronics & industrial electrical as part of my schooling & work with these sort of things for my job (so power cables, interconnets, soldering etc is very straight forward for me). You want to be sure the connections you have made are correct (which should always be verified via DMM, etc) before you ever connect the cord & I would advise these things are best left to people who are more meticulous in general. I’ve seen lots of things in the past done by people who should not be let anywhere near anything to do with power.

My first post will be about my experiences with outlets, as that’s where this current journey started.

Famous last words lol. I know myself too well. If there is improvement I won’t send it back. Regardless my hifi budget for the year is kind of blown.

I really like the idea of doing it myself but I have zero experience and I wouldn’t want to accidentally screw up my equipment. Anyway the reason I ask is at some point I’ll need a Power cable that connects from the powerbar to the outlet. I don’t have an extra Naim Powerline lying around.

Lol, I was more so referring to not having to buy an outlet without being able to audition before purchase. No doubt, if you like what you hear, like most of us on here, it probably wont be going back (and if your experience is anything like I’ve had, better have your CC handy :joy: )

No doubt DIY can be a great way to go as the price vs performance is about as good as it gets. Lots of companies out there make great cables but obviously their markup is multiple times more then DIY. I like Siltech, they make excellent cables. They use the same Furutech FI-50 NCF plugs I’m using on their top of the line power cord, their likely amazing cords, but at $20000+ they should be!

I think Furutech and Naim do not fit each other. I sold all my Furutech products, especially Fi 50 NFC plugs, sharp and without bass, which made my system unlistenable. DPS 4.1 is okay. For power cable, David Laboga and many from the USA is better. For the outlet, you can try Cross Point from Japan. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive… But the SQ…

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From what I’m reading I think it’ll be extremely positive. I’m just really interested in getting clean power to my devices. I recently purchased a Farad Super3 for my Chord EE8 and I’m in shock at how much better my system sounds even though Chord doesn’t recommend Linear Power supplies. Funny if Chord would release their PowerHaus for North America I’d likely be giving them $$. I don’t think any solution is perfect and there are lots of offerings from competing companies etc.

Bottom line I’ll listen and make a call whether it’s all positive or just different. As always, my system, ears, room etc


Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
Interesting,.I’ve been tinkering a bit with this.
Just keep in mind when you buy Furutech’s products,.that there are a lot of “fake products” from Furutech in circulation.

On several occasions I have had to check with the Swedish Furutech importer regarding suspected fake Furutech contacts.
Otherwise,.my top two cables in the picture are terminated with Furutech’s best and second best connectors.
The bottom ones with Oyaide’s best and second best contacts.


This is interesting, I was going to get into this specifically later but I was going to say, so far Naim & Furutech are very good pairings, Furutech is very musical & has great synergy with Naim. Your experience does not align with mine at all with the FI-50 NCF plugs. I was just listening to Herlin Riley, New Direction last night via digital & the bass was the best I’ve ever heard, the impact & depth was jaw droping while the articulation was outstanding.

Couple things come to mind, looks like your system is a 282/250DR with Focal 1007 speakers, what is your listening room like? The problem (if you can call it that) with the FI-50 NCF connectors is that they are both extremely neutral & revealing, they do not add warmth & they will show up any deficiencies elsewhere. The 282/250DR paired with the 1007 would be a bright sounding combo, depending on your listening room it may amplify this further. The FI-50 NCF’s are probably just highlighting this. So I can see why they are probably not a good match for you, as with most cables it all about system synergy, there is no “one size fits all”.

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Absolutely, good thing to mention, as with many brands, lots of knock offs out there. I purchase all mine from my local authorized dealer, so no issues here.

Where are you trying these cords & what sort of differences have you noticed between them?


Big fan of Furutech hardware here

On the plug end, I have most on these

and then some older cables with these for the IEC end

Newer cables have these

And one cable has this

Mains cables starts with
Harmonic Technology Magic Reference (all silver construction, stiff reference level cables)
Harmonic Technology Pro AC-11 (all types CL3, version 2 & ‘plus’) all OCC copper
Harmonic Technology AC-10 Fantasy, again a OCC Copper
Furutech FP3-TS20 - Silver plated copper

There is a JPS AC+ cable with its own hardware
2 Silver cables with Figure 8 plus and MK 13A for some A/V components


Did they have a Rhodium coating?

If so, that is famously harsh sounding.

Some people say it has a vast run in time of many months then slowly or suddenly comes good and sounds wonderful.

But I would never try that coating.

I have a Furutech (G) UK socket and plug (not NFC) on a Graham’s Hydra on my main dedicated radial.

(Looks like the plug in Simon’s first photo above).

That took weeks to burn in, but now about a year later is very good.

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Yes, they are a bit bright. So it’s crucial on cables. I never used 252/300 so do not know how they pair with 1007. I used 202/200 before and the same results. Maybe the Classic doesn’t fit old Focal. A lot of Furutech products contain nickel. Oyaide is better. Keep in mind Cross Point

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I have an MS HD Power duplex unswitched socket on my other radial.

Each radial has a different cable from consumer unit to socket.

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Bear in mind Naim actually use Furutech on non UK Powerlines. But nothing says you have to use their fancy NCF and Rhodium versions. I have four rooms all with dedicated audio circuits terminating in Furutech sockets. All are more standard gold plate contacts. I used their heavy damping plate on one socket but not NCF anywhere.


Yes, gold does not corrode, has quite good conductivity, and lacks the more shrill effect on SQ that silver has.

They make a UK copper only plug and socket iirc but I couldn’t find them at the time of the installation.

Anyone have or can explain what the Furutech NCF Clear Line does?

Good to know. I’m in North America