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Oh I must learn how to DIY for cables… Congrats!

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@marcusman Future shop will put them together for you! Just pick your kit and they can do the rest… or, send it out for you to build!

I’ve built a few and its not hard but I was feeling lazy I think last time with the FP-TCS31 , FI-28 Rhodium, FI-1363 Rhodium, Deoxit with black braid. They made a very nice job of it👍🏻 I can’t say 100% but I don’t think there was a charge for making it….

Just looked and you chose the cable, length and select plugs etc and jobs done


I’ll try to contact them, but I’m in North America and IIRC Future Shop over here is long gone.

I think the US is probably the same version we had in Canada, not sure if they have anything to do with Future shop in the UK, but they don’t appear to be similar at all, ours was just a typical big box store that carried a few Mid-Fi products at best.

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They do list Schuko & US plugs as options for cable builds… and, their shipping and returns page lists most countries including the US :grinning:. It’ll just come down to postage etc!

If you Google futureshop uk it should get you to the right place I think!

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Thanks! I see their website! Thanks for the tip. @daren_p ours/yours was the same. Mid-fi at best is very accurate.

FWIW, I order loads of cables (though not Furutech which I can just buy down the road), from FutureShop in the UK for use in Japan (same plugs as US), Never a problem.


I thought I need to update this thread. There has been a dramatic turn of events. In summary, the result or performance of (any) cable is largely dependent on the components and speakers that are used with it. Different gear, different result. Careful matching is vital. I’ll cut to the chase.

The DPS4.1/FI-25(R) now sounds splendid in the system after I switched from the Graham LS5/9 to Marten Duke 2 speakers. The clarity, bass punch and definition, illuminating treble, everything sounds so different and crystal clear. The tone of instruments is different and the nuance and detail are improved. Fine detail previously not heard in the music has surfaced.

Well, it’s not only with the speakers as I need to switch the DAC as well. I just found that the Luxman DA-06 does not match well with the Marten although it sounds great with the Graham. The Chord QBD76 fits the Marten speakers much better as everything sprang to life with it. With the Luxman DAC, music lacks sparkle and dynamics.

I’ve also switched the interconnects several times to optimise the system and each has their strengths and weaknesses. Again, matching is the key. The final outcome is the DPS4.1 mains power cable now does not sound poor in the “new” system. Moral of the story, if it doesn’t sound good, swap something else instead of the thing which you feel is the culprit. Having said that, the FI-50 NCF (R) is still in the wish list.


Good to know, thanks Ryder.

My update is I’m still holding back on spewing all sorts of hyperbole about my Furutech outlet until the end of the month. I figure by then it’ll be fully run-in but suffice it to say it’s by far the best money I’ve spent on what could be called a tweak.


Glade to hear things are sounding better Ryder, I was thinking you were using the Dukes all along.

@marcusman (or others that use US plugs), I believe you’re still looking at picking up the e-TP609 NCF at some point, another possible option & one I’m looking at is my local Furutech parts supplier, Audio Sensibility also make power distribution, their statement SE NCF version use all GTX-D NCF outlets & their top on the line NCF inlet, its milled out of a nice thick block of aluminum, pays attention to noise & EMI, the way the outlets are mounted, OCC wire, star wired/grounded & Stillpoints feet to top it off. Looks like a well thought out/put together piece of kit & when on sale about $500CDN less then the e-TP609, just something to consider. If you did go that route, I’m sure he could assemble a Furutech cable of your choice, if you haven’t sourced someone more local to do so.

My update is I just removed the S022N that I have been listening to the last couple weeks from my DAC & put it back on my streamer. The new S55N combo that I have been running in on my streamer for the last 3 weeks is now on my DAC. I believe the S55N still needs some burn in time, so I set the streamer to loop & muted the pre, so its running non stop, without actually listening.

So far my experience with replacing all previous gold ends with FI-50 NCF R is that gold is not ideal & masks so much detail. Instead of trying to use gold to warm things up, I feel its a much better option (if funds allow) to use the FI-50 NCF R, which are both very transparent & neutral but also reduce noise & combine it with a warmer copper cable. This should give you the warmth your after, but not loose all the transparency of the Furutech gold ends. Now I know when talking about transparency & resolution one might think the system has got more analytical (which is exactly what I don’t want) but it is actually the exact opposite. While the insight into the music has increased massively, there is actually more warmth now & the kit is even more musical/greater emotional connection.

Previously I would say it sounded like the singer is in the room with me, but now I would say it sounds like I’m now in the location where the music was recorded.


Thanks Daren. Good info for sure. Out of curiosity which cables for the FI-50 NCF R are you referring to when you mentioned “warmer copper cable”? Is this the DPS4.1 or TCS31?

I’m dying for a power distribution but cost is holding me back with the Holidays right around the corner and since adding that outlet things are really sounding so good as-is.

I don’t think any of Furutechs current offers are on the “colder” side, but relative to each other I’d say the DPS-4.1 is the most neutral, followed by the S022/S032/S55 having a bit more warmth & then haven’t heard personally but the TCS series from what I’ve read would be warmer still.

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How many different wires do Furutech make?
I would be curious to know what their description and application recommendation is for each one is.

Just looked at their website and the top-of-the-line Statement SE NCF Power Distribution

Me like! Nice, simple and no frills on the inside just like it is meant to be. Reminds me of my North American Audience Chris Koster PDC.

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For bulk power cable I believe the 3 I mentioned above are their current series offering, they do have 3 or 4 more options on their site but I believe these are older offerings, that might not be that easy to source (& not sure how they compare sonically). I was going to add some info on my finding on DPS-4.1 vs S022N vs S55N but I need some more run in time with the S55N before I can make an proper compairson.


I hate making too many changes in a short period of time but sometimes it can’t be helped…
“Trying” this out for my Farad Super3. Purchased from a fellow hobbyist for a very very good price.

Furutech FI-50 NCF R ends. Cable itself is from BAV(Belden) power cord. I’m not sure how much it’s been burned-in so I’ll use it with my A/V system temporarily.


Congratulations. Those plugs alone (new) cost more than my DPS4.1/FI-25(R) mains cable.

Thanks Ryder! Oh I know! The cable itself is a relative bargain but those plugs yikes! Heavy buggers as well. My mate is upgrading so he sold me this for a fair price.

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Good stuff :+1:

Don’t know anything about BAV, believe Belden just makes “reg” cable, none of the fancy copper options but that doesn’t mean it can’t sound great. If you do want to go to a different cable in the future, at least your now set with these ends, that you can swap over. Appears that this would be the current V3 of the male plug. They have made a couple revisions (male plug side only), believe in V3 they increased the inlet size of where you insert the conductor into the plug housing (makes for easier assembly of large conductor cable/spades) but more importantly the V3 has more of the black portion of the housing, the part that’s made with NCF material, so the V3 offers improved performance vs the older generations. You can tell visually by looking at how far the black portion protrudes from the SS body. The older versions only protrude the amount you see on the IEC end (the initial step).

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The cable is from Iconoclastcable. They seem to work with Blue Jeans Cable which is hyper local for me. My friend says their cables are great and priced well. I’ve had nothing but great results with cables from Blue Jeans/Belden.

I’ll give it a quick listen in a day or two. Right now I have it plugged into my AV system for giggles(break in). My TV has never looked better lol.