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They’re lovely plugs (never tried the cable). Feel so premium but also make a big difference in SQ. Enjoy!

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Thanks! I’m looking forward to given them a good listen soon. Right now the power cord is relegated to A/V duty while my Furutech outlet fully burns in. I shouldn’t be surprised but my TV really does look better. It’s subtle but an improvement nonetheless.

I wasn’t planning on this power cord right now but it fell into my lap.

Another update and I’m going to make this short. I’ve surely come a long way from my days of not paying attention to power management and not finding any meaningful difference in sound quality with mains power cables more than 20 years ago.

Again, mixing and matching different mains power cables in the system will produce different results. If one is not getting a satisfactory performance from the system especially when a power conditioner or similar device is used in the system, try swapping the cords between one which goes between the wall outlet and power conditioner with another one which goes between the component and power conditioner.

I have found that the mains cable that goes between the wall outlet and power conditioner will be the most important cable that defines the overall sound of the system and therefore, avoid putting a warm sounding cable here. A mains power cable which sounds most balanced ideally with the best dynamics, power, bass and attack will be ideal. When everything clicks together, music will just sound right.


This was basically my thought when putting the “best” DPS-4.1 between the wall & the powerbar. I haven’t tried swapping it with other cables yet but will likely experiment in the future. I can’t recall where I read it but someone commented on certain aspects of the sound & what can be tweaked further down the line & what can’t. He mentioned things like bass could be tweaked with another cord further down the line, which I would agree with as changing the cord just on my DAC can change the bass. While he mentioned things like transparency couldn’t be improved upon once their removed, which is another reason why I put the DPS at the start of the chain. He had mentioned other variables as well, but unfortunately I forget what all they were & where I read it now.

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Do they still make the DPS-4.1? I was just looking at the Furutech 2023 catalog and don’t see the DPS-4.1 (just skimming the catalog so it may be buried and I missed it). I see the FP-S032N and the other cable mentioned here the FP-TCS31

Still on their website, its listed as “international markets only” on their site, so maybe that has something to do with it? I believe they did say its limited production, so they may not continue to produce it in the future but I’d guess there’s still lots of stock out there if that is the case.

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Ah good to know. From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, it’s a fantastic cable especially with FI-50 ends.

Theoretically isn’t the best cable the Alpha 11 which Furutech utilizes in their fully built power cable - and it is not available to purchase in bulk ie for DIY ?

After swapping the cords around, I am convinced that the FI-25(R) is limiting the potential of the DPS4.1. It’s a matter of time the FI-50 NCF (R) comes in. There is reduced bass output and an overall pale and reduced soundstage with the FI-25 although the other cords managed to ameliorate this effect albeit to a certain degree. Bass could be tweaked with another cord further down the line but if the cord between the wall and powerbar/conditioner has reduced bass output like the FI-25(R), the bass and other areas of sound reproduction will still be slightly compromised.

I’ll swap the DPS4.1/FI-25 out for the TCS31/FI-28 later this week with the new configuration to reconfirm my thoughts on the FI-25. The FI-28/TCS31 has a fuller and warmer sound, better bass and throws a larger and wider soundstage but the focus and definition across the frequency spectrum isn’t as good as the DPS4.1 ie. sounding a little smeared and not as separated.


I am curious about how the DPS4.1 / FI-28 or FI-50 NCF compares to the more expensive, higher-end Acrolink power cords.

I’ll have the DPS4.1/FI-50 NCF (R) if I manage to raise the funds, soon. It’s difficult to commit when the FI-50 NCF plugs cost more than the entire DPS4.1/FI-25 mains cable that I have now. :sweat_smile:
I have the TCS31/FI-28 but don’t have the skills to switch the connectors to the DPS4.1. Nevertheless, I’m inclined to maintain the TCS31/FI-28 without switching out the plugs.

It’s difficult to compare the Acrolink cords to the DPS4.1/FI-50 NCF (R) as there are several configurations where the cord can be used with different components. From the previous comparison, the 7N-PC9700 sounds better than the 8N-PC8100 when used with the Luxman L-590AXII amp whereas the PC8100 sounds better on the Chord QBD76 DAC. Both cords sound different, the 9700 has better immediacy, bass and attack while the 8100 sounds warmer and more refined. The current DPS4.1/FI-25 sounds slightly weak in the bass with a leaner sound when compared to the fuller sounding Acrolink cords. If I were to make a guess right now, I suspect the DPS4.1/FI-50 NCF will sound rather close to the Acrolink PC9700 perhaps more defined in the bass. Having said that, both DPS4.1 and Acrolink cords will be used together in the system since they are the costliest (and best sounding cords) which I have at the moment, so chances are I won’t be comparing them unless I substitute a cheaper/inferior sounding cord somewhere else in the system.


Yeah there doesn’t seem to be anyway around those expensive plugs. I’m still pricing out a cable that goes from my wall-outlet to a yet to be purchased Furutech distributor. My understanding is this link is pretty important. I’m having real good luck with my BAV/Belden cable. It sounds fantastic and I may go this route in the future. I still run into the same issue, the FI-50 NCF(r) plugs cost way more than the cable itself.

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I think I’ve heard someone say this in here before? :laughing:

Their expensive, but they are worth it. I’ve currently got 5 installed & looks like I’ll be adding 2 more. Thing is you can keep them & swap them out on other cords if you make changes in the future, so it makes their cost a bit easier to justify. I’ve said it in here a number of times, but once you get to a certain copper quality the ends are more important/have more impact. I’d always recommend the FI-50 NCF R ends with S55N, vs DPS-4.1 with lower down ends.


Great question. The Furutech catalog is large and vast, easy to miss things. I almost bought a prebuilt one but it’s still less expensive to DIY.

It’s inevitable.

Got this one as well.


And what components are you feeding that anaconda to?

Currently Luxman L-590AXII but will be swapping it around later. If I reinstate the Naim amps, it will be used with the 250DR or Hicap DR.

I’ve always been fond of the official Luxman lead supplied. The one made for them by Melco.

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Congratulations. Which cable is this?

:+1: Will you be keeping the DPS/FI-25 combo as well? Once the new combo is run in you’ll be able to verify exactly what the ends bring.

@marcusman that would be the DPS-4.1 (don’t think many cables come in that colour! :grinning: )