Game of Thrones finale SPOILERS

It was going well (kind of) until Drogon flew away with Dany in one set of talons - and acts 2 and 3 in the other.

As for the notorious water bottle by Sam’s foot… That was probably there to wash down the dog’s breakfast.

In broad strokes I think the last few seasons are fine, I just look forward to them being properly fleshed out by GRRM, rather than the GoT-Lite that unfortunately the book free seasons have been.

I have enjoyed the series a lot but I was a bit underwhelmed by the last episode. I guess my expectations had been raised for something a little more to happen when it all seemed very ordinary. Although I guess any dreams were crushed in the previous episode.

There also seemed to be some glossed-over inconsistencies that weren’t explained. Like how The Wall came to be rebuilt and why a Night Watch was even really needed any more.

It’s good in a way I suppose as the ordinariness took away any great feeling of regret that the series had ended. I actually felt quite relieved that my ‘watch had ended’.

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Same here. The water bottles that people spotted seems to suggest sloppiness crept in beyond the clumsy writing.

I enjoyed the start, ramping up the atmosphere without music as Tyrion walked into the crypt. And I was even OK with the different paths the various people were set upon at the end. But it all felt ham-handed and clunky to me. My wife disagrees, so I’m obviously wrong!

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My take was that the episode was going really well, up to and including the dragon smelting the iron throne and flying off with dany’s body. That symbolism should have been carried through to council agreeing to the break-up of the 7 kingdoms into independent states, following the lead taken by Sansa in the North. No-one gets the iron throne. Jon Snow abandoning the Nightswatch AND riding north into the wilderness was a great and fitting ending for the reluctant and flawed hero.

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Yes. Awesome.

So many things made me quibble. Just one: Tyrion asked who had a better story than Bran. Um, Jon Snow! Bastard son. Raised from the dead. Reluctant king. Lover of the queen. True heir to the Iron Throne. And his reward…?

Kind of glad it’s all over, last 2 seasons have been a little disappointing. It started to lose the plot in my opinion. They seemed to be able to get from one end of the kingdom to the other quicker than I can get up our stairs.


The final season was disappointing to me in that I felt they rushed to the end. As you say,they got from A to B instantly. The plot was OK, but the pacing deeply flawed. Contrast it with the final season of Breaking Bad, where they took an exquisitely long time to converge on the inevitable conclusion.

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It was good while it lasted but like all things it must (and has) ended. However it has left the door open for a few spin offs :hugs:

As preparation for the last couple of episodes, we binge-watched the whole thing again. Glad we did because we appreciated the conclusion rather more than we might have done. I enjoyed it immensely, and I guess none of us fans wanted it to end. I thought that last episode was a pretty fine and satisfactory ending on the whole; all the alternative suggestions I’ve read about so far, less so.

The shot of Daenerys appearing at the top of the steps with the wings of the dragon spreading out behind her was truly breathtaking; absolutely superb.

Game of Thrones is up there with the greatest TV ever produced. I shall wait impatiently for the complete series to become available on 4K BluRay.

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Is it just my Sony telly and set up, or have others found the dark scenes a bit poor quality ?
One scene where Jon fades to black joined with a black fade to Dany. My screen had a bad time handling that without fuzz. Although most other scenes seem HD.

Jon Snow would have made a rubbish King or leader of any kind though. He was mostly a hopeless liberal!

I agreed that shot was spectacular, and it is better watching a second a time.

A fine man, but a dimwit.

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You’ve hit upon one of the main reasons I felt queasy about rushing to judgment. The finales of most of the great TV shows – such as Breaking Bad, The Wire and (especially) The Sopranos – were met with scorn and rage. Most of the criticism seemed to be based on misunderstanding and ignorance. For example, the way Tony Soprano meets his end is genius, and not remotely ambiguous.

But GoT, much as I hate to say it, felt rushed and illogical from the moment the dragon buggered off with the corpse.

And yes, the dragon wings behind Dany, and the Leni Riefenstahl-style rally, were breathtaking.

I plan to watch all 73 episodes again after I’ve given it a few months to digest.

Yep. Drogon not frying Jon Snorrrr for dinner, being intelligent enough to realise it was all the fault of the Iron Throne (maybe he chatted to Dany about it sometimes) and then buggering off with Dany’s body… ?
Totally illogical.
After that, why did the imp have a say in the leadership (and why was he just arrested and not killed like other enemies to Dany) ? How come Grey Worm didn’t chop off Jon’s head ? Did Jon have to be given the red card with no conjugal rights ? (Dany’s army by then had sailed off to never never land). Why was there still a Night’s Watch ? How did the Wall magically repair itself ? Why could the scriptwriters only come up with the lame storyline of Arya ending up sailing off to nowhere in particular etc. etc.
The episode was actually great in some parts and terrible in others.

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Last two seasons have been a big let down. They broke the mechanics of the series and its overall flow vying to cram too much in as little time as possible. This season however has been the worst with characters seemingly changing traits over an episode. Some story arcs did not have a satisfying conclusions, Jamies and the hounds being good examples that stick for me. Overall the script writing has been just sub standard. I am glad its ended now so I don’t have to suffer any more bad episodes and writing. Shame it had the biggest potential of any fantasy series over the last years but failed to deliver in the end.

He’s strategies where always flawed and he needed rescuing in every battle more or less. So yeah agree with this.

That’s broadly my feeling too. However, I have smart friends and colleagues who loved the final season, including the last episode. Maybe passing time will bring a clearer perspective?