Another vow from the house. Big fan of that spring blast of colour and then to be honest my garden loses the colour and interest. Need to work on that this year if I get time


Beautiful collection of trees there

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One more as it looks so good to my eye!!!

The light at this time and the plants! I remember planting all these in April so many years ago hoping for this!


Enjoy the summer all!


My tree peony flowers came out to greet the sunshine this morning.
A shame they’re so short lived.


Thinking of getting a Hotbin MK2 composter, anyone have one /used a hot composter? Views and experience appreciated. Have two traditional compost bins at bottom of garden but takes a bout 18 mths for each bin to compost down fully. Benefit is I can keep this by the house so use it for green kitchen waste as well as some garden waste.

Would post link but not sure allowed as commercial.

I asked some time ago, @Camphuw gave the complete answer. Hot Composting

For what it’s worth, I gave up waiting for supply to start again and now have three Daleks and two Lidl cubes. For some reason the cubes seem to break down faster than the Daleks.


Thanks catswhiskers…. Didn’t even think to search for hot composting on this site. Just shows the depth and quality of the membership !

I don’t think any cordless will be as good as you are used to…we bought a bosch cordless from toolstation as the batteries also fit drills etc I have.
I’t pretty good.
there seemed to be various bosh batteries offered so we got 2 of the highest amp ones.
trouble is in a few years thebattery type will have changed so best buy more than you need at the same time I think?

Anyone knows what plant this is? It looks like a good alternative for my ivy:

Two photos taken in roughly the same place exactly 5 weeks apart.

Amazing how much changes in the garden during the month of April. Sunday’s rain definitely helped. Now time to enjoy the glory of May.

End of March:

Beginning of May:


A guess - Ligustrum lucidum - Glossy Privet

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Not certain but possibly Griselinia littoralis, aka New Zealand privet, a good evergreen hedging plant often used in exposed or coatal sites as it can withstand harsh weather.

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Acers ‘Bloodgood’ and ‘Sango Kaku’ with tree ferns ‘Dicksonia Antarctica’


One of the glories of spring is cow parsley - anthriscus sylvestris.

Since we stopped mowing the Green a few years back, this plant has spread prolifically. Sprouting up between the bulbs and flowers, and shimmering above them, it makes the whole area fizz.

Early May – what a super time of the year.


One of my Bloodgoods seems to have died this year: we had a few cold nights about a month-six weeks ago, the buds just never opened. There are however new leaves sprouting about one foot above ground, so I don’t really know what to do - wait until next year?

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Wow, that’s a lovely garden.

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How frustrating. A few cold nights shouldn’t have killed it off so likely to have been stressed by another reason. In my experience, bloodgoods are usually robust, but I’ve had similar problems with other ‘red’ acers such as ‘beni-maiko’. If it has died you’ll soon notice the stems turning to nothing more than matchsticks and will snap off easily. I’d give it a few months and trim away the deadwood to see how much is left. Such lovely trees that it’s worth holding out til next year if doesn’t look too bad visually. Good luck.

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Thank you - it’s a communal Green rather than my own garden (if only it was).

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Then comes the similar in appearance - Hemlock.


Thankfully I drink neither :yum: