Screws have arrived!

This is how you screw a raised bed together. A4 complete with stainless washer. I mean, look at them shining in the sun. This should be in the ‘Nice photos’ thread, but this thread is more for the select gent. Some people like to fly around the world visiting uninhabited countries, I like to receive a handful of screws just before the weekend.


Similar to Tesco the Christmas cactus has decided on an early festive appearance.
The Easter cactus is biding its time.
The rest are hoyas which did not flower this year.

The opposite wall of the small extension is thriving as well.
Timers are for the uv lights…


Its been a funny autumn for the weather here in the south of England.

We still have sumer bedding and roses in bloom but this week two Camelia’s have decided to start flowering. The earliest these have been out before is between Christmas and New Year.

I suspect tonight’s drop in temperatures will ‘adjust’ things somewhat!

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@Fatcat I’ve been reading about willow water as a rooting aid. Prune this year’s shoots from willow, cut into 1 inch lengths, steep in freshly boiled water for a week (?) then water your plants. Worth a try ?

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Astrantia , grown for pollinators . In view of my much knackered knee grown in a vegetable trough , so I don’t have to bend down to photograph


This was the most beautiful olive tree I’ve ever seen. Beautiful twisting shape, natural tapering from the base, 3 thick branches forking out in symmetry to pompoms at the tips and great nebari. It looked like a perfect giant bonsai.

You see the callus hole on the right? That was filled with soil debris, as were a few other similar calluses. I thought I’d clean it out with a hose. To my amazement several termites came out with the water. Here’s one.

After digging around the tree with a screwdriver and blasting with a hose I found dozens. They were slow moving, but alive. To cut a long story short and after Googling about them, I decided to have the tree returned. The nursery was brilliant. 3 man job delivering and 3 man job collecting. Over 60 miles away from the nursery. Got a full refund, but no winners here.

I’ll use the sleepers no problem, as there’s 2 maples that need repotting.


What a shame


As has just been said “ what a shame” very good customer service

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I wonder what the nursery will do with the returned tree (?)

Can it be saved?

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Perhaps they will plant out in their display?

Well I know the nursery will be returning it to the importer, because they want a refund too. I think the importer will have it treated and one day it will probably come back on the market.

It was a tricky decision for me to let it go, but I just didn’t want a tree that I knew was quite a bit hollow, even though the chances of termites surviving in this country is slim and it would eventually (hopefully) heal over. It really was/is a beautiful tree. Very sad, but there are worse things in life to bother about.

Great customer service.


Great customer service.

Yes, but you will buy from that firm again with confidence . That is what customer service should do , my belief in business is that it wasn’t so much how things went wrong , it was how it was fixed


A day of pruning. I’m late this year.


That’s a weird looking tree.


This is our wild Olive tree. It has had some hard pruning over the last two years, to get the height down and to thin it out a bit.

It only ever has tiny fruit that never grow into anything, but it is lovely shade for the summer and a nice place for a home picnic in the summer.


After careful measuring out each side of tree, drill holes equally spaced, and insert straight branches :nerd_face:


It looks a little like that, it’d easy to climb.

Sounds like some hard graft is involved to achieve this. :upside_down_face:

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It seems the branches are a bit higher than usual, but I recall grandfather having espalier trained apples and pears

No rain today and I’ve a few days off so a good time to do pruning and preparations for the ‘planting’ which will take place early 2024.

We’ve completed phase one of the garden in 2023 which is basically all cabling, tubes for hydration system, tiles, all sorts of infrastructure. 2024 will be the year to plant new trees, bushes, flowers, grass et cetera.


Design mock up: