Nice garden……happy new year


This is how I protect my tree ferns for the winter. I’ve done this every year since 2012. They were wrapped this year just before the very cold weather and switched on for 5 of the evenings in late Nov-early Dec.

One thing I changed this year was the type of foil insulation. This time it’s PE cell foam instead of a wool type material and it’s thinner.


That looks fantastic @Ardbeg10y

Good to see reward for all the effort.


Can’t do much gardening right now, it’s all a bit squidgy.

Fortunately we live on a hill but there’s a lot of flooding round about. We’ve had over 400mm rain in the last 3 months, about 2/3 of the average for the year! Relentless.


Removing the ivy from the tree trunk.

One of my neighbours walking his four goats and two Alsatian dogs.


The pine tree in the front garden this morning
Sorry about the bin it’s collection day today


Acer palmatum atropurpureum in the snow this morning.


Very wise, that should happen more often. (The ivy removal)

I try and cut the bottom where I can reach each year. The problem is that Ivy tends to re root into the tree itself, higher up. I like the goats helping though. :grinning:


I think it should best be done in early spring since Ivy feeds many birds. I’ll do it usually early April.


Like all things it’s a balance , but we have so much and it is killing a lot of trees , going to the nearest large village today - amazed at the storm damage

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I certainly keep my trees clean too.

Galanthus Golden Fleece with Pieces of Eight in the background, in a planter. Both very sort after. Golden Fleece held the record for the most expensive snowdrop in the world until Golden Tears took the award in 2022. Golden Fleece is still better.

Tricky getting the yellow to be truly bright yellow in the UK, as it needs full sun and at this time of year it’s obviously very low in the sky too.

Pleased with it this year though.


Massonia echinata

Got this bulb a year ago and have since been nurturing it with pure ro water, feeding it with beneficial bacteria, fungi, enzymes, and natural plant growth stimulants. The flower is 1cm wide.
I hope you agree that it was worth the effort :joy:


The “Barry White “ love going on here……
They look great, you must be pleased.

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So the grass cutting season has begun here again. Yes, climate change is real and it means the grass seems to keep growing almost all year round now. Anyway, there’s about 1.5 acres of it, with a mix of open areas, areas with trees and borders / beds, and some fairly steep slopes to navigate. The old Mountfield ride-on coped, but only just, and it felt like being on a roller coaster at times - slightly dangerous actually.

Enter the new mower. The salesman said ‘don’t worry, it will go anywhere you need it to go’ and he wasn’t kidding. Front deck, so not flattening the grass before cutting. AWD and rear wheel power steering makes for safe and effortless mowing. Should have got one years ago!


I see you are part of the secret squirrel brigade- Hidden Profile.

Where abouts are you to be cutting the lawn now?


Mr Tibbs was from Philadelphia - according to one of my favourite movies.


Didn’t realise I’m hidden! My locale must remain a minor mystery- those mower thieves are clever b*****s.