Crocuses on the Green at dusk

I moved some 8ft tree ferns from my yard to the bed in the middle of the Green today (albeit with some help). Absolutely exhausting.


Replanted this beauty today:

I’m not completely sure what it it, but it came from my brother in laws garden and I’ve been promised it’s bee friendly.


I just flashed the pic in front of my wife (a garden designer) and she said “might be a viburnum tinus”.

I then told her I was posting this and she said not to because she needed a closer up pic…

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That was my first thought too, but yes, it’s hard to tell from that photo.

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Thanks @BobbyYork @ChrisSU I think you’re right. I hope it survives the move since the shape of it is very nice.

It should be OK if it has kept a reasonable sized rootball. Make sure it doesn’t dry out while it’s getting established. That bare soil should ideally be covered in a nice thick layer of organic mulch.
V. tinus can be pruned, so keeping the shape you want shouldn’t be a problem.
I can’t see any flowers on it - it it’s tinus the white or pink flower heads usually appear in winter.

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I’ve gone outside and checked. It’s full of these:

There is also another small one in the rear garden and two large ones in the front garden. They have completely different shapes, so I did not recognize them.


Definitely looks like V. tinum to me.

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Posted here because it’s in the garden. Looking out of the kitchen window the water in the pond was rippling, but there was no rain. Going to check there were at least three pairs of frogs. Or so I thought. Difficult to get a picture due to reflections.
Just check the eyes.


A visitor! Apologies for the poor quality pic - zoomed in on my phone from the kitchen window.


Male sparrowhawk, if I’m not mistaken.

This female came into our garden a few months ago. I got within 10 metres of her because she was intent on consuming the freshly killed pigeon. iPhone images so resolution not great.


My lawn looks like this at the moment.

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We seem to be at least two weeks ahead in Devon this spring (from the norm) - ferns unfurling and leaves budding on acers in my yard.

And tulips emerging on the Green - a mere fortnight before the early varieties appear.