German Physiks

Anyone heard them with Naim? An impending house move means I might need something off the wall (and they’re certainly that) but I’ll have getting in for 50 square metres to let them breathe. I can hear them at the importers but taking along a 500 series system would be a bit of a pain.

If you tap “ German physics “ in the search part, you will find no one using them.
You asked already in another thread about them, as MBL too.
@YetiStockholm had the MBL before, and now the french Apertura Edena Evolution.
I once heard the Duevel, comparable to the German Physics. Good surprise, very detailed and holographic sound.

And not even when searching for the correct brand name, “German Physiks” with a K :slight_smile:

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Yes I did a search and as you say no one is using them but is that because no one’s tried or tried and rejected?
There’s one member with Duevel Venus, I’m also considering the Duevel Serius but the dealer I spoke to in Paris thought they’d need a minimum of 60 square meters and suggested the GP HRS-130s, though I don’t discount Borderlands either. As Omnis they don’t fit the flat earth mentality but with a wide range main driver and sealed bass loading they look worth investigating. I’m not averse to a bit of heresy, I have an Aro on a Towhshend Rock and find that works rather well despite the arm rest being essentially held in place by blu-tak.

Apart from exploring omnis, which sparked my curiosity when I heard MBLs big ones three years ago at Munich, the ProAc K series seem to be well regarded and I haven’t even looked at French speakers other than Focal, who’d have a lot of convincing to do based on past experience.

The safe bet to follow my NBLs would probably be Kudos 808 but they’re not imported into France so I’d have to do that myself.

Another option is to modify the walls behind the speakers so I can keep the NBLs with the main system. Said Paris dealer had treated his walls with some sort of sound proofing tiles that made them rather solid what rapped.

Here’s a gratuitous picture of the Borderlands mkIV to save someone looking them up.


Which I’ve done, not sure how that c got in there, it’s gone now.

Just saying that FR apparently didn’t when searching for it, maybe because he relied on the unedited thread title, but it doesn’t matter as neither finds any posts on the forum.

(Odd that there are two German speaker brands using a variation on “physics” in an awkward way.)

I wrote physics in English apparently….:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And it’s the normal thing to do, Physiks isn’t a German word :slight_smile:

There’s a good and very serious review on 6 moons site. The Jupiter were replaced by the Sirius.

So why the “k”?

No idea, trying to be funny or quirky maybe, like Linn. I just find it awkward as if someone made a mistake. Same with Audio Physic, that’s neither English nor German as well. (English “physics” would be German “Physik”)

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It’s odd their web site doesn’t list any German dealers, at least it doesn’t when I look at it.

The website is English as well, even when visited from Germany. I have never heard or read the company name in Germany, either

I’ve heard German Physiks once, and some similarly built Duevels (Bella Luna), but not with Naim. The German Physiks were kept one meter off the walls in a smallish room and the Duevels a little closer to the walls in a similar, different room.

I received much the same impressions from both: extraordinary spaciousness, precise imaging, a sharp voicing accentuating the upper midrange and the treble. My feeling is that their intended presentation would fully be had with some powerful tube amps, or with a smooth but detailed solid state such as some MOSFETs. I also suspect that Naim’s house sound is not intended to favor what omnidirectional speakers aim at: Naim’s iconic designs such as SBLs and SL2s were to be placed against a wall and did not excel at 3D effect.

That said, both the German Physiks and the Duevel Bella Luna impressed me greatly, and if I had proper space I’d consider them. They may not be for just everyday music, though. Hope it helps.

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…aspiring towards Linn?

A mismatch is what I’m wary of, space shouldn’t be an issue.

An unusual combinations doesn’t necessarily mean a problem and a common one doesn’t guarantee there isn’t, Naim and Focal have never sounded right to me for instance.

The reviews I’ve read seem to suggest that dark sounding amps should be avoided with German Physiks and they do need a bit of power into 4Ω, 160W minimum in the case of the Borderlands and 70W for the HRS 130, a lot of valve amps will struggle, the 500 can nominally put out 250, though Hifi Critic measured it as 230.

My MBLs replaced Thiels, and out image them, putting a 3d soundstage back into the wall they sit against, the 552/500 combo in DR form are anything but 2D, I haven’t heard a truly 2D Naim amp since the original supernait.

I recently heard a couple of Dartzeel based systems with Thrax and some €65 Stenheim speakers and the 3D effect was more precise but the scale wasn’t any greater and both speakers had an unpleasant metallic character to the sound, though it didn’t seem to bother some of those present.

I going to have to make a nuisance of myself to hear GP on Naim, or if I can’t, wait until some used ones turn up, which is my usual response to being unable to get a meaningful demo.

Must be something like that.

German Physiks THE EMPEROR a monster integrated.

Hopefully it’s well dressed.

Didn’t know that they make electronics too. Interesting.