Get some air round them!

My two stack Fraim setup always had the base levels empty, in order to keep the connections between the 300DR and it’s power supply off the floor, with an empty tall level between the power amp and the ND555, and a standard empty level between that and the 552DR.

I’ve recently swapped out a set of standard uprights for tall ones, and now have two tall levels in the “brain” stack, and I’m probably kidding myself, but this seems to have improved the sound no end.

Imagination, or not? :thinking:


Dave, any chance of a photo (with location metadata stripped out). I will soon move to two (brawn and brains) stacks and have been thinking about the best arrangement regarding leg heights and possibly empty shelves if there is a real improvement in SQ.

I thought that, of all the burndies, the 300 ones between head unit and power supply were considered the least sensitive to contact with the floor. What are others’ views?

Hi Nigel,

I’ll have a bash tomorrow, now that we don’t seem to have need of a photo hosting service.

I will say that whenever my dealer comes over to install my latest “fix”, he always comments that my separation of power, pre and source is what they do themselves, back at the shop, and recommend to customers too.

Might be snake oil, or just a way of selling more Fraim levels to customers, but I do trust their advice, which has always proved to be valuable.

Phoaties ramorra … :crossed_fingers:

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Dave, IMHO you are not imagining it. My brawn is now (top to bottom) SuperCap DR, 300DR, 555DR with lots of space. This afternoon I posted in System Pictures. I am using three racks with brawn in the middle. It took a while for the system to settle so it was best not to judge too soon.

@Darkebear mentioned the SuperCap and Peter @Cymbiosis the 555 having the biggest transformer.


I’m not sure if I can do anything more than I have Phil. I’ve only got space for two racks. Current configuration:

Brain left:

Brawn right:

With this the NDS burndies hang freely, the 252 Burndy and snaic hang freely together, the SL IC is elevated above the carpet but the 300 burndies do run along the carpet albeit “protected” by pipe insulation.

Not sure if I could do it more effectively acknowledging there must always be a compromise somewhere so I tried to work out the least adverse option with the 300 burndies losing out!

Any ideas?



There’s no doubt in my mind that the old pipe insulation to elevate cables from contact with the floor / carpet remains one of the cheapest “upgrades” possible.

I just happened to already have sufficient levels of Fraim available to allow me to leave the base levels empty, and have the 300DR and it’s power supply one level up, which does keep the Burndies off the deck.

Does it really make a difference? Who knows, but I’ve convinced myself that it might :thinking:


@DaveEngland would there be a problem swapping SCDR and 555DR round so brain and brawn are in same order.

My Records shelf is historic when the plan was to have a Uniti 2! Ha ha!


Phil, I think it would work just. The critical thing would be to ensure the NDS burndies hang freely and it looks like they would - just. I might give it a go. Do you think it’s worth getting the SCDR on top?

That’s what Darke Bear recommended. In the end it’s what your ears tell you. He suggested that the music would open up the most.

I find the cables are difficult to route and use pipe insulation. I’ve often wondered whether Fraim would make it easier with it three legs.


So I tried swapping the 555 with the SC. The 555 was too low and the NDS burndies were hitting the floor. I then thought I’d swap the small legs on the base level with the 120mm legs I’d replaced with the 180mm earlier last week. This would raise the base level and everything else up by 80mm and would probably get the NDS burndies up enough. Having taken the brawn rack apart again to swap the lower feet and built it all up again; (a) it looked terrible. Far too tall and the stack dominated the speakers in a way I couldn’t tolerate; (b) the din to xlr from the 300 to the SC now on the top shelf didn’t reach.

So I took it all apart again and put the 40mm feet back on to the base level. I rebuilt it (again!) and put the 555 back in top - i.e. the way it was before I started this parlarva!

All powered back up and it sounds as wonderful as it did before! The SC may be better on top but, to be honest I don’t care as I’m struggling to understand how this could sound any better than this!!

What a funny old hobby this is Phil🤣

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We must visit each other to compare. I have no idea what these boxes are supposed to do.


Hi Nigel,

Quick picture, as requested, (Love that the new forum doesn’t require photo hosting services).

So, my “brain” stack has two tall levels, and an empty base level, which meets with my dealer’s approval. I may be kidding myself, but I am convinced that things sound better with this sort of separation.

The 552 DR and it’s predecessor were always placed at the top, and I do find that to be the preferred position.

I’m not sure whether you already use Fraim, but remember that, rather than having to buy new tall levels, the longer uprights and internal threads are available separately from Naim, though I was very lucky, over in the Fishy place to obtain the second tall set from a very nice chap, in return for a donation to the charity of my choice.

Hope this helps,



Hi Dave,

Thanks for the photo. As they say, a picture tells…… Yes, much easier to post photos now but remember to strip out location data of photos taken at home. There are details on how to do this on another tread here.

I do indeed have a full fat Fraim and have been looking out for some pre loved medium or tall sets of legs in black like yours. I will keep an eye out in the Fishy pla(i)ce.

You could have introduced a free shelf within your brawn stack (or freed the bottom shelf), if you had chosen to use the top shelf. Is there a reason for this? Is it because you didn’t want anything with a big transformer next to the pre amp?

Right stack looks far better, tall ones looks funny

Hi Nigel,

Just for balance, I did try moving the HDX up to the top level, adjacent to the 552DR, but put it back on the bottom, as I felt that the sound was best when the pre had open space around it.

Now whether this is all in the mind, especially taking into account my ageing aural receptors, I don’t know, but my dealer concurs.

I guess I’ll just have to put up with my equally ageing back whenever I’m ripping CD’s! :worried:

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Hi Dave,

Yes I too found it best with the pre amp on top of the stack, first with a 282, then 252 and now with a 552. As I only have a single stack, this automatically means my pre has air all around it. I think you therefore have a point with choosing not to have a power supply immediately next to the pre on the top of the brawn stack.

No doubt I will have to play around with stack ordering when I get my second stack. But you have helped me with a starting point.


Of course, there was another reason for my searching out a second pair of tall legs … but let’s not go there for now. :laughing:

Dave, Richard has just confirmed on another thread that the forum is set to strip out metadata from uploaded photos, so ignore my warning.

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Cheers Nigel,

I had it disabled in my camera, just in case.