Getting Apple music hi-res sound to my Nova/ProAc D20R system

Hi all. I’ve been wondering if I should get some cables to connect my Iphone to the Uniti Nova so that I can get the hi-res quality sound onto my ProAc. I don’t have Tidal and other premium streaming serivces in my country so AM is the only option. Through Airplay, sound quality is capped at CD lossless (16 bits). I’m really curious if there will be an improvement if I get an Apple lightning to USB along with a USB to SPDIF to plug my iphone to Nova. And most importantly, do you think my system is good enough to recreate the hi-res sound? Thank you. I’m new to audio btw.

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Have you read this thread?

Thank you @Neilb1906 . Hi @CrystalGipsy you said “48/24 is the rate of the Nova ADC. You want to avoid this as you can’t get back what you throw away, negates the point of hires. Also going through two DAC stages will lead to some degradation of the original signal”.
I’m not at all tech savvy to understand all you said so what’s the bottom line for me? Should I get those two pieces and plug my iphone to Nova? It’s ok if it doesn’t go to hi-res. If it can get up to 24/48 and be audibly different it’d be great also.

May be best to post your questions on that other thread.
This will be duplicating info and advice otherwise.

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