Getting sick and tired of my Naim Muso QB1

Just wondering what others have replaced one with? I’m pretty sure I don’t want to get invoved with a QB2 due to how the current one behaves and if there is a QB3 coming I don’t really want to wait or assume it will actually work properly!!

The main question is if you’ve jumped ship what did you find that was better or worked reliably?

I was going to put this in Streaming but thought it would get more airplay here…

I replaced my Qb2 with a wired stereo ceiling speaker. Now I can hear any source on the main system, digital or analogue.

It only cost me a little more than the MuSo! (I had a spare zone on my Rotel C8 amp going to waste.) Wish I had done it in the first place.


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What’s the matter with it?
Not replaced, it’s been on my desk and used most days. No reason to replace it.
I’m assuming you have connectivity issues?


I have a Muso gen 1 and very happy with it but I only use it in multi room mode with my main system. I suspect using it as a stand alone streamer would be frustrating.

I’m watching this thread with interest. A QB2 for the office was going to be my next purchase…

My QB1 has worked reliably since purchase and continues to do so, wirelessly too in spite of the supposedly flaky Wi-Fi implementation in Mk 1 Musos. But others do seem to have problems, mostly with Wi-Fi.

It’s hard to recommend alternatives without knowing what problems are leading to the frustration. Mk 2 Musos sound better, have more solid Wi-Fi and access to streaming sources such as Qobuz, so I wouldn’t rule them out if a small good-sounding all-in-one is needed.


Muso pains here also. Ive ended up at KEF LSX IIs, obviously not a single box and pricier but the new lower spec version may be an option.

Have had a Gen 1 MuSo and Gen 1 MuSo Qb for 9 years and 8 years respectively. Both wired. Both flawless ……

I’ve never had problems with a Muso QB1 either in the last 10 years, then again I don’t own one so perhaps this post isn’t that helpful.


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I have a Muso QB1 and use it on wi-fi. When I first got it connection could be flaky at times and the microwave going would temporarily kill the connection. I then installed mesh wi-fi and since then it has pretty flawless.

No problems at all with my QB2 on WiFi, either playing on its own or in multi room. Sounds great from its place in the corner of the kitchen next to the fruit bowl.

Hi PeakMan, I’ve got a Muso 1, I manage to stream from Qobuz by logging on with my iPad, then connecting that to the Muso. I’ve also imporoved the sound significantly by using better support feet and a Nordost Purple mains lead (at the time no other better mains lead had a figure of 8 plug on them), so when the Mk 2 came out I didn’t upgrade as I thought mine sounded better and it was still in the slimmer box. It goes loud enough for dancing at parties without any signs of clipping. Best wishes Amer


Yes - the WiFi!
In my case, WiFi works fine for all digital sources except Spotify, which glitches and resets every 10-15 seconds. Only 10’ or so from the access point. CAT-6 wiring was going to be more work than wiring a ceiling speaker and wall-pot, in this particular location.

I have heard that the later ND players work better with MuSos than my NDX-FM. I have to “prime” the MuSo by playing something like iRadio before I can sync play from the NDX.

Still love the form factor and sound. Lucky to have these choices.


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We have two Muso QBII’s, which we’ve had for while now. They do lose connection with the network from time to time for no obvious reason and also sometimes do other odd things, such as refusing to respond to any control commands. Can be frustrating and annoying when trying to enjoy some music whilst having breakfast for instance.

Clearly these things shouldn’t happen. I certainly couldn’t put up with it in the main system, which is why I use a Melco connected directly to a DAC rather than streaming through the network.

On the whole though they are nice to use. And they sound excellent. We would certainly buy more of them if we needed them.

For Qobuz I use multi room from an Atom that’s elsewhere in the house. But the QB is mainly used to stream local files from a NAS. It’s located in a bedroom and mainly used for background music in which role it works well.


Nobody can give you a meaningful answer to your question unless you clarify what problem you have with your QB. If it’s a network connection problem, there’s a possibility that whatever you replace it with will suffer the same problem. If it’s a WiFi problem there’s a very good chance that a QB2 would be a reliable replacement. If it’s not a network connection issue, nobody can begin to guess what will give you what you want.

My partner uses it mostly for radio play and most of the time it works OK. Generally if we switch inputs ie to Roon and then go back to the radio stream it persistantly drops in and out untill we do a power cycle and even then it’s not always successful. It is on WiFi but the signal is pretty strong and when it’s working it’s fine with no glitches or dropouts :thinking: :roll_eyes:

The QB 1 had a notoriously poor WiFi capability.

You could if possible, hardwire it to your router or if not , get a WiFi bridge and connect it to your QB.

Ofcourse, if you are using a Mesh system and you have one of the units nearby, plug the QB into that. This will provide a more robust receiver for the QB.

Hi Phil

If you are using the Naim app it might prove useful to run the Network Scan feature. It’s on the ? Top right hand corner of My Devices. It might help, worth a try!

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You have to scroll to the bottom of the “?” section and it’s down there.