Giro D'Italia 2020 **May contain spoilers**

As the Tour thread was well attended , I thought I’d start one for the Giro that starts in a couple of weeks.


Shall we say now whether to allow spoliers, or wait until the next day to update the thread?

I don’t think any free to air TV in the UK is carrying highlights though, it appears to be only on Eurosport.


Personally I am much less bothered about seeing spoilers for this one than for TdF So happy for there to be a single thread with spoilers. If look in the daytime then that will be my lookout!

I’m easy as I normally watch it live (or at least till I fall asleep) and have access to Eurposport.

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I prefer to discuss it ‘live’.

Maybe add to the thread title ‘Warning may contain spoilers’.


I watch it live. However. I believe we should not have spoilers and comment on the next day about the stage due to people on the forum living in different time zones and maybe watching the stage up to 12 hours after it ends.

If they know the thread may contain spoilers surely they can avoid checking it until they have caught up?

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Oddly the last week of the Giro overlaps the first week of La Vuelta.

Giro: Saturday 3rd - Sunday 25th October 2020

Vuelta: Tuesday 20th October - Sunday 8th November 2020

The major team players must be supporting two different teams…

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That may be so but I still think no spoilers would be better and what I would prefer.

Up to the OP then I guess.

I think the issue is how long do you leave posting to ensure no one reads a spoiler ? 12 hrs is a long time and by then the topic to be discussed is old news and lost its moment.
I would request that no posts intimating winners of stages be posted any sooner than 6pm UK time. If you are behind more than that then make a point of not reading this particular thread. The results are going to appear elsewhere on the web anyway…

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If you’re going to have a spoiler deadline let it be after the ITV4 highlights that usually finish at 8:00 PM …or thereabouts UK time.
That way at least most people will have viewed it.


Alternatively, forget about it and let spoil away, it’s not like it’s a football match with goals being scored, these Grand Tours are an all afternoon event to be seen and heard live.
It is easy enough for folk who don’t want spoilers to avoid the topic until they’ve seen the day to day highlights :slightly_smiling_face:

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I never ventured into the TdF thread until after I watched the recorded stage. They usually start airing at 3AM or so here on the west coast of the US and do not enjoy spoilers so I just avoid the thread until I have had a chance to view.

I did read somewhere that the teams were dividing riders between the two races.

I hope the tours are as successful as the TdF…


@Debs Thought you might want to know that Giro D’Italia is not going to be broadcast on ITV4 this year as they don’t have the rights.

It will be shown live on Eurosport, and live on S4C in the UK if you can access that channel. At the moment it seems that some of the later stages will be live on the S4C website only. They will also have a highlight show later in the evening (times vary).

Additionally, a daily one-hour highlights programme will be broadcast in the UK on free-to-air channel Quest at 7pm.


Thank you @GeoffC for that information. I am sure it would have taken me forever to work all that out. Really helpful post :+1:

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Yes i had become aware, my telly aerial is pointing at a transmitter in England, even though i live in Wales, so the short answer is no, S4C is not on my freeview.

I wonder if the commentary will be broadcast in Welsh? :grin:

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In that case you (or anyone else) should be still able to see the race by watching the channel live on their website, you will just need to register. SC4 Online

The website can viewed in Welsh or English - as for the commentary some rugby games in the past have offered both languages as an option, but I don’t know if this will be the case for cycling. :biking_man:


Yes, view it on the MacBook, sounds like a plan to me :+1:

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Giro d’Italia 2020 route

Stage Date Start Finish Distance Terrain
1 Sat Oct 3 Monreale Palermo 15km ITT
2 Sun Oct 4 Alcamo Agrigento 150km Hills
3 Mon Oct 5 Enna Etna 150km Mountain
4 Tues Oct 6 Catania Villafranca Tirrena 140km Flat
5 Weds Oct 7 Mileto Camigliatello Silano 225km Hills
6 Thurs Oct 8 Castrovillari Matera 188km Flat
7 Fri Oct 9 Matera Brindisi 143km Flat
8 Sat Oct 10 Giovinazzo Vieste 200km Hills
9 Sun Oct 11 San Salvo Roccaraso 207km Mountains
Mon Oct 12 Rest day
10 Tues Oct 13 Lanciano Tortoreto 177km Hills
11 Weds Oct 14 Porto Sant’Elpidio Rimini 182km Flat
12 Thurs Oct 15 Cesenatico Cesenatico 204km Hills
13 Fri Oct 16 Cervia Monselice 192km Flat
14 Sat Oct 17 Conegliano Valdobbiadene 34.1km ITT
15 Sun Oct 18 Rivolto Piancavallo 185km Mountains
Mon Oct 19 Rest day
16 Tues Oct 20 Udine Valdobbiadene 229km Mountains
17 Weds Oct 21 Bassano del Grappa Madonna di Campiglio 203km Mountains
18 Thurs Oct 22 Pinzolo Lago di Cancano 207km Mountains
19 Fri Oct 23 Morbegno Asti 251km Flat
21 Sat Oct 24 Alba Sestriere 198km Mountains
21 Sun Oct 25 Cernusco di Naviglio Milan 15.7km ITT


Interesting to have an individual time trial for the final stage which if the GC is close could cause a Maglia Rosa change on the very last day.