Goldring Troika retipping service?

Anyone who has recent experience with Goldring Troika retipping service? Cost and turn-around time?

There is no rebuilt Troika that sounds anything like an original Supex built one.
All this fad started after Goldring managed to do the Linn Klyde and it basicallly had the same body shape.
At best you’ll get a hit or miss Klyde with a three point mount lookalike.
Truth hurts but best to buy something it’s meant to be unless nostalgia has taken over.

I replaced my Troika with a Dynavector K17D3. Never regretted it.

See the thread “ Troika anyone “ by @kuma . He shared about Troika rebuilt by Goldring.


I normally only read the forum for information not to post but your comments about Goldring Troikas are totally misplaced. Goldring and indeed David Giffin @ Goldring/Armour rebuild a troika completely to a very high, as new standard, not cheap but superb.
Goldring did all the original official Linn rebuilt cartridges that were sold via Linn, in fact it was David G who rebuilt the troikas both in late 90’s for Linn and still today. I bought my first Troika in 1990’s post Asak t & Karma and it has been rebuilt twice by Goldring and sounds wonderful each time.

Now used with lp12/ekos2/keel/Superline it still sounds superb and I play vinyl more than ever…
I am sure there are better cartridges at £2k + now but I wouldn’t swop a Goldring Troika for a Linn Krystal despite David’s Goldring Dept. also making the Krystal cartridge for Linn.

If you want a great cartridge at sensible running costs and enjoy the linn /naim musical sound then a Goldring Troika is a hidden gem.

Thats my view anyway and I have three troikas.


To address Anders question: - If you email Goldring Armour about re rebuilt cartridges on their own web site, will normally get a quick reply.
Rebuild takes about 10days turn-round but you will be put on a waiting list depending just how busy they are in department. Last year the cost was £400 plus vat, they normally only do the full rebuilt service on troika so it is much more than just a re-tip. Maybe higher cost now given recent inflation but just ask for quotation. Pay half of cost up-front then balance when ready to ship back.
I stick to the original alloy cantilever, they can also do a Boron version also but I have not tried/heard that one.
They are usually most helpful.


Not at all accurate this is the story.
Linn carts

Maker Audio Technica

Maker Supex

Maker Goldring / Armour

Maker EMT

Maker Lyra
Armour /Goldring didn’t retip Troika until they did their own generator to fit the same type of body as the Troika in the Klyde.

Adikt always had problems with low riding suspensions until MK3
Klyde was a marmite some great some not so.
It’s the way it is.


The amazing aspect about this forum, is the collective wisdom and the enthusiasm to share so readily.

Everything you need to know about Linn Trioka, in this thread…

You might also be interested in this post, which is a picture story of my own Troika being rebuilt at Goldring.

David is great person to do business with. So easy.
The service is first class.
The results are stunning.

Good luck
Maybe post back if you decide to do this


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Your cartridge manufacturers are indeed correct as far as I can recollect, not in dispute. However, Goldring did re-manufacture the Troikas that were sold by Linn as part of the Linn cartridge exchange programme.
In the very late 1990’s I bought an exchange one and they came in a green fuzzy box rather than the red fuzzy box with a plain outer card box just marked ‘Rebuild’.
When I had that one rebuilt by Goldring last year David Giffin @Goldring confirmed that it was a cartridge he had originally rebuilt for Linn at that time.
I don’t know if Goldring rebuilt all the Linn Troika Exchange cartridges but they certainly did the one I bought then from Linn Dealer and still own…


As I said.
There is no rebuilt Troika that sounds anything like an original Supex built one.
Original Troika is built by Supex.
It was only after the Klyde was built by Goldring they started offering rebuilds of Troika but only if out of warranty date.
Klyde started 1992
Troika ended 1994
Anything repaired not by Supex could not be passed on as a Troika while the Supex supply still existed.
I remember it all like yesterday.
I agree entirely that a Krystal is no replacement for any Troika IMHO
Having had 2 faulty ones. :-1:t2:

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@Kuma wrote what Goldring made in the rebuilding:

Replace the cantilever and diamond with a new Ogura fine line.
Rewind the coil/armature with new copper wire.
Replace the tie-wire assembly/suspension with new.
Clean & run full operating tests.
Surprise was that they put it in an Arkiv jewel case and put a proper Troika stylus guard. Also looks like they cleaned up the body of the cartridge, too. ( the original had a black marker over a serial )”


I have owned both Original Troika, rebuild Linn Exchange Troika and now Goldring rebuilt Troika - 3off…
You are entitled to your opinion of comparison even if I disagree based on my own listening experience and recall.


No disagreement other than your mistake of thinking the Troika was originally built by Goldring.
I remember back in the day I was at a shop in Glasgow a guys deck was in for servicing and was quite taken aback to see his deck had a Black Troika with no decals on it. :thinking:

I had a GR rebuilt Troika for several months with a vintage Linn/Naim system. I thought the timing was excellent and it was very good value for money. The balance was ideal. Later found that the Adikt MM was more musically enjoyable though, but obviously without the same clarity or balance so well suited to an older LP12.

Also had a Krystal and Koil in the same vintage LP12 and didn’t really get on with either - may have been timing or balance but was never sure. I do like the Krystal in a modern Selekt LP12 though - not heard the Koil in a modern deck. I just use a VM95E now - works great.

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The Klyde was built by Goldring but to Linn Specs. They do an excellent job rebuilding Linn cartridges; they may not sound exactly like an original Troika but they come as close as you’ll get and nothing else is going to sound closer.


I always thought that the Troika was a fantastic looking cartridge, with its rounded body shape and bright red paint job. And it would use that third hole on the ARO headshell, which has been unused on my ARO for over thirty years now.

I tried for ages to find an old cartridge to send to Goldring to make a shiny, new Troika for me, but gave up what became a fruitless search. It would be so much easier if Goldring were just to sell them ‘new’, but I suppose that Linn won’t play ball with that idea (as it would show up shortcomings in their current offerings).

I’m now using a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua very happily, so I don’t feel too hard done by. And the exposed construction looks the dogs’ dooh dahs mounted in the ARO. They could have been made for each other.


Just before Covid struck, I decided to reinstate my classic Linn/Naim system. The first step was to restore the damaged Troika done by my son, by Goldrings repair service. 4 months later it returned. The Linn rebuild was, in the meantime, progressing in the background restoring it back to stock from the Pink Linnk (yes I know, we all make mistakes) with upgrades turning it into a pretty decent deck.
I was looking to rekindle my love of vinyl and excited to go record hunting again.

Well here we are three years on and I’m not feeling the love. I think I now actually really prefer my NDX2+XPSdr to the Troika/LP12/Ekos which, to be honest, hasn’t been played much now in over three months. I’m a bit disappointed.
I think the nostalgia I had for my 1990’s set up doesn’t compare to todays kit. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be it would seem.

I suppose Supex is out of business. Correct?


Since my return home from illness a few weeks ago, I’ve been forced to listen exclusively to my LP12/ARO/Te Kaitora Rua, as my CDS II has a broken transport, and I’m not sure if/when Naim will be able to resuscitate it.

I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure, even if my between-records-cleaning-ritual means that there’s a longer gap between playing record sides.


Interesting, but I fear it’s completely out topic.
As were other comments too. The OP just asked if Troika rebuilt by Goldring is well done and faithfull to the original Troika.