Good deeds for the day. what have you done?

Good deeds for the day or what what you done today to make you feel proud.

I saved this lot from the skip today. Literally. Perfect working order.
I don’t understand why people would do that. Just give it away for goodness sake.
It would definitely give Naim’s CB range a run for its money. Maybe not.


Is that all attached to itself?

If so, you may be the new owner (by default) of the world’s biggest boombox!


Intervened in my daughter’s ongoing stressful life by changing the spare wheel back for the fixed one, and filling her car with petrol. Next job, get the service organised :person_shrugging:


Very funny, Graham, :wink:but no they are all separates.

I think that, with a few rawlplugs and screws, you can fix that!

Thank you for the advice but I never had a boombox in my life and I do not intend to own one now. Hideous things!

Not quite today but I nearly mentioned it last week.

We parked late at night near a school and Mrs AC slipped on something at the kerbside when she got out.

It was a huge metallic nitrous oxide cannister presumably used for ‘recreational purposes’ rather than bubbling cream.

No idea if it was empty but couldn’t detect gas sloshing around. There was a council bin nearby but didn’t want to risk putting it in there in case it posed a disposal danger.

Temporarily shoved it atop loads of leaves in my garden waste bin.

I could have left it at the roadside but would someone else have slipped on it or some drunken/anti-social idiot have used it as a projectile? Probably the size and heavier than a large blowtorch cannister.

I then saw that possession is to be criminalised, so what does the well-intentioned person do? If I present it to a council waste facility in a few weeks will I potentially be considered the user?

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I recall that Tom Wolfe had funny things to say about boomboxes in his marvellous ‘Bonfire Of The Vanities’. Which reminds me that I should look out my copy, and read it again.

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Yes, sometimes you think you’re doing a good deed, the right thing, and end up getting yourself into trouble. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just tell them it was a one off and you won’t do it again. They might let you off with just a slap on the wrist. :wink:

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Whilst waiting for a new aerial for my truck I spoke to a chap who was having his head unit checked out. It turned out that his was Japanese, which lead to an interesting discussion about patents. Thank goodness I took my nose out of a book to chat to him.


I gave an old homeless guy (Sean) a customer’s unwanted but perfect buggy and shopping trolley.

He was waiting outside the Sally Ann on Hanover Square (closed!), where I had intended to take them, and asked if the baby was invisible…we had a long chat and I’m really pleased he could make use of them to carry all his plastic-bagged possessions. A lovely man. I hope I run into him again.


Some people buy Musos… :grin:

Three quarters of my time since retirement seems to have been spent helping other people, though mostly family: One son refurbishing his house (adding expertise at re-pointing and tanking to my skill list!). For another family member sourcing and fitting a new kitchen. And another son starting on his own house refurbishment, fortunately less demanding. One day I’ll have time to relax and feel as if I am retired, and do all the things I promised myself, instead of simply swapping one type of (well paid) work for another, unpaid! But that is the norm. In terms of good deeds as being out of the ordinary, I haven’t yet done one today, but on Thurs/Fri last week I re-routed my trip home from a motorhome show, adding 150 miles and changing ferry, to spend a day at another family member’s house fixing a plumbing problem they couldn’t get a plumber to do!


…and you still find time to contribute to this forum. How do you do it?! :sunglasses:
P.S. can’t remember last time I saw a Muso dumped in a skip but I’ll keep an eye for it it or maybe even a Statement. You never know.:wink:

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You will be fine to take possession of the canister for disposal purposes.

Possession is NOT an offence but non-legitimate use of nitrous oxide is currently controlled under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.

This means the production, supply, and importation, but NOT possession (except in prisons) of nitrous oxide for its psychoactive effects is illegal.

That said don’t give it to kids or others who may use it for getting high, or you could be accused of supply !
Hope this helps !


A good few years ago we used to use nitrous oxide in my Lab (as an oxidant). One day I went to the cylinder store to swap cylinders, only to find a technician unconscious on the floor. He been having a sniff!


Had gas at dentist when a kid……don’t recall laughing much !


Two comments.

First, the old adage no good deed goes unpunished.

Years ago I was off to see a client and by his office was a student handing out flyers for a nearby restaurant. I didn’t grab one. When I got into my client’s office I saw he had one. I told him I managed to avoid the flyer but he told me he always takes them even if they then go into recycling because as a student he had a ‘flyer’ job to make ends meet. It was soul destroying and you couldn’t go home until all the flyers were handed out.

Armed with that perspective I remembered this when walking up 6th Ave in NY and grabbed the flyer that was thrust towards me. Arriving at my destination I met my lunch companions in the lobby. They asked me what the flyer was but I’d completely forgotten about it. I turned it over and it was for ‘New York Dolls’ strip club. They asked me if that’s what we were doing for lunch. I’ve never grabbed a flyer since!

On the other hand, many years ago, pre cell phones I was stranded by the A2/M25 junction with a steaming Cortina and no way to fix it or get help. Someone in an Orion pulled over and drove me to a motorway service station where I called my brother and got him to bring rubber water hose for a Ford and some water/antifreeze. The man in the Orion took me back to my car. He went miles out of his way and took time to help me. He wouldn’t take money - what he said was that he helped me because someone years ago helped him and asked him to help others if he saw someone in trouble. So, he lived by that creed and said if I really wanted to repay him, carry that mindset forward. I do try to, restaurant flyers excepted!


Are things perhaps changing, as I saw this the other day:

Great stories!