Got a hat, please show it to us!

Ive seen someone wearing an identical hat, wonder if it was you :thinking:

Matching hat n ear rings



Can you recall where? It was a personal import from an american milliner so might not be many here in the U.K

Maybe somewhere in Brighton or at the One Love Festival, not really sure but the picture of the hat deffo rang a bell

My beloved battered old Royal Stetson fedora, stamped 'Boston Clothing Co, est 1899, Winnipeg".
With a headband card I picked up somewhere in the States.

Previous owner’s (I assume) initials stamped in the headband - A M S.
Not Alan Sugar I reckon!
The feather is on its last legs, sadly.


Probably not me then, its been worn in Camden area on a number of occasions if you have been around there but dont recall any Brighton gigs were i would have been under it :laughing:

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You are Johnny Depp and I claim my £5!


A hat to keep the blazing sun off my head, the phenomenon happens at least twice a year here in the Welsh Marches.

A hat to keep my ears from dropping off in the long windswept cold months…


Won’t bore with my bicycle skid-lid, not really a hat in the true sense of the subject matter.
Although i expect sooner or later we’ll get the murder-sickle gang roar in to display their Darth Vader buckets :upside_down_face:


Reminds me of a joke by Rhod Gilbert.

Sun, Rain or Snow we love the rural Welsh countryside, I have family roots there (all now passed sadly) and regularly escape to an offline log cabin for a spiritual re charge, considering retiring there very soon.


A ‘Flat cap’…nowt special…


when required, converts to a snug ‘Flap cap’…


ideal for the cold North :cold_face:


You’ll have heard about the dyslexic Yorkshireman who wore a catflap then. :rofl:


Brand new in this Community, I start my journey sharing a pic of a British product, even if it not my Naim…
I wear it with great pleasure and almost frequently at least everytime I am formally dressed.


Very nice indeed. :ok_hand:

trust you… :smile:

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Bought this 40 years ago this month from a street market in Samarkand in what was then Soviet Central Asia, now Uzbekistan. It’s only an ornament so no selfie of me wearing it.


Hat and gloves are authentic Yak wool and made in Nepal.

I cannot wear these unless it’s below freezing.


Not my photo but my hat. A Tilley made of hemp. Over the years it’s developed a nicely battered look.



Some years ago I had something very similar, IIRC made from alpaca wool, given to me by a brother after a climbing trip somewhere in the Andes. I loved it in freezing weather but it did make me itch!

The Yak wool is soft and I don’t get any itching at all from it. It’s really unbelievable how warm it is. I really mean it when I say not to wear it until it’s below freezing. I get hot with any of it on otherwise.

I have a friend who goes to Nepal. He is very involved with Mitrata For Kids, a charity to boost up under-privileged Nepalese kids. It makes sure they get a good education for a chance in life. I bought these to support the cause.


My hats have a predominantly Canadian link. I was in Alberta 30 years ago and bought what looked like a sturdy well made stetson to keep the sun from frying me. Having a big head they sorted it out for me. I expected it to be Canadian or American made - only after I bought it did I spot it was an Akubra from Australia!

Alberta was the first place I saw the clear plastic hat covers to keep the rain off the felt. Eminently sensible.

I also have a Tilley with the underside in dark green. Handy when you are on the water but frankly useful everywhere. Doesn’t matter what happens to it. Part of the marketing schtick is that it can pass through and elephant unscathed. It will need washing though….