Got a hat, please show it to us!

This is my hiking hat. UPF 50+ Mountain Packer Hat with a not so secret hidden pocket inside.


Nothing special but from NOLA which very much was.

Life with complex VIs means I spend most of my life outdoors under a peaked cap of some variety. None are especially exciting as their use depends largely on practicality. If the peak looks nice but doesn’t actually keep direct sunlight out then it doesn’t get worn. Have various eye charity related hats (several of which are rubbish in terms of being used as presumably intended).

Also have a brilliant selection of woolly Wrexham hats but their use is limited to days with full cloud cover rather than explicitly for football where they are near useless for me.


Red Rock Hats Kangaroo leather, bought in Cairns


Just in. Will become the goto cap for the summer.


Cool looking hat!

I have an Australian kangaroo leather hat made by Jacaru, which looks almost identical to yours, although the leather band on mine has some teeth in it, which the makers claim are sharks’ teeth. Very good in monsoon type conditions (the hat, not the teeth)!

I certainly do, my optician told me get a hat with a big brim or wear sun glasses, I have an Akubra Cattleman.


Yep, been caught in a few downpours while on hills and remained dry but the hat does get very cold when wet and needs feeding with leather care afterwards.

Great hats and very popular around here. However I find that they’re far too hot and uncomfortable in summer.

Australia usually has the (dis)advantage of considerably warmer summers than we have here in the UK.

Yes Akubra was recommended to me by a friend, the price in the UK is a bit off putting so I imported mine. Whilst I did make a saving overall the import duty at the UK took a big chunk out.

Transit was equally laughable, it took a few days to get from the retailer in Australia to the UK and it then spend a week struggling to get across the UK! The retailer, ‘Everything Australian’ and Australia Post were both very helpful in tracking its progress.

I very much like my hat, and I am getting used to chants of ‘its sheriff Woody’ from the local smart Alec’s


A panama is essential around here, where 40C inthe summer is becoming the new normal.

“Lierys”, hand woven in Chile, apparently. Don’t know if there were any magical unicorns involved, mind.


You wouldn’t expect anything else of me. Not to be worn in Govan.


I just bought this one yesterday. It is a genuine Panama hat made out of toquilla straw. It is the Mayser Menton. It is nice and light, so it will be perfect for spring and summer.


Right then, I shall go dig out my many and varied peaked caps and woolly hats.

The man from Del Monte he say YES! :smiley: :tangerine:


Does look very like Jeffrey Epstein nowadays.

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