Grand Cafe 2

Checking in people. The old Cafe seems to have gone. I hope all is okay with @Pete_the_painter?


Yes Mike. We all send our best wishes. I am sure he will be back when he is ready.

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Morning Mike I think the old Grand Cafe probably got Daned as some customers insisted on talking about the unmentionable European events. Maybe we we can all try harder here. I missed not catching up with what you guys the other side of the world were doing when I looked in every morning.


The Grand Cafe should not disappear, they owe me loads of money.

Ardbeg10y distilleries.


I’m pleased that one of you guys from “Down Under” has started a “Chat Thread”. It’s a good place to be, but wouldn’t be the same if one of us from closer to Salisbury had started it. Let’s keep it “clean”

Well done Mike, you’re a star !

Absolutely. There has to be somewhere for people to promote their dubious ideologies and where the children can misbehave while Daddy’s asleep.


Hi all! Hopefully the clientelle will be as friendly as in the old cafe. i’m looking forward to seeing what the decor will be like once fully up and running - has @Pete_the_painter been engaged yet to paint it?

A new cafe fits with it being Spring here in the British Isles - glorious sunshine today, at least where I am, and only light winds, though it was frosty first thing. Nice cycle ride this morning (mainly off road in forestry plantations). A nice mug of tea has prepared me for the afternoon, an unusual rest from working on my son’s house, instead garden chores etc at home!!


Ditto, in sunny hove , 5 mile walks along desolate industrial seascape of Shoreham harbour, eerily quiet yesterday and today but at the same blissfully peaceful…….

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Quiet Monday for me with no work today. We are in the midst of our Omicron thing, so a lot of people have opted to stay home and things in generally a bit slow. As I’m moving to part time work it fits in pretty well for me.

Anyway, the supermarkets are getting low on stock and it is a nice day. So, I went fishing and caught my bag limit of snapper in about an hour at a stop about 2kms for the house - it’s about 10 minutes from the house to a line in the water.

That filleted up to 1.6kg and its about $37/kg to buy, so a good mornings result.

Time for a cuppa and might grab my book (Ken Follet’s Column of Fire).


Well, why not submit it as a new word …

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Just spoke to my relation in Sydney she said the amount of rain has been incredible.

@Pete_the_painter! Just looked to check you’re still around and found the reason for your silence. Sorry to hear about your mother - it must be devastating for you and your family. If I may be bold as to look at the positive side, at least she has reached a very good age, more than most, so if this indeed is it then reflect on the good in her long life and draw strength from that, and we’ll see you in the Cafe when you feel able.


Thanks for your kind thoughts. My mother is still with us, but just. She has lost not only her independence but her quality of life. We were told last Friday night that she probably won’t survive the night and encouraged to say goodbye. However she made a small improvement over the weekend but remains totally confused doesn’t recognise anyone and just stares at the TV. I know it’s sounds wrong but it might have been better if she had just slipped away. If she does survive she’ll need constant care and more than likely bedridden for the rest of her life. She’ll never recover that sharp wit that I’ve known all my life.

There’s so much going on in the world, locally and personally that it does seem a little overwhelming. NSW/Qld are experiencing the worst floods in history. Over 2000 people have lost their homes and the rain keeps falling. We’re on high alert as another east coast low forms between us and Sydney today and expecting major flooding again. It hasn’t stopped rain for over 3 weeks.

@hungryhalibut there were some who posted the odd dubious comment however at least the original cafe thread was free from trivial criticisms of thread drift, peoples pets, décor, choice of hi fi, taste in music, grammar, choice of car and even criticising of other members criticism etc etc. While I certainly do not agree with that dubious ideology I’ll always defend their right to be wrong.

Richards refusal to reinstate the original cafe thread imo only highlights what I believe is a very bias UK forum. The original thread was a place where non English members could communicate on topics that effected them without having to start another thread that probably would have been missed. So what if the odd member went too far, at least they had an opinion and Richard always had the right to remove it. If you don’t stand for something you’ll die for nothing.

I’m extremely blue and emotional right now and find it hard to just twiddle my thumbs while there’s so much going on.

On top of all of that Australia lost a top bloke, he had his flaws but at least he was just human. He did a lot for charity and unlike some in his position never lost touch with the common man or were he came from and how lucky he was. Most of all he was extremely good at what he did, he not only was the best he made cricket interesting and entertaining.

Life goes on within you and without you.


Pete, you take care, we are all with you……having the same problems with loved one’s this side too. Great post that i would not be able to do in your circumstances, hope things work out better…….you are a great guy👍


I think a lot of us are finding things challenging. I watched my father starve himself to death and die, and posting about it here was helpful and people were kind. The forum has its place but I’m not sure it’s the right place for a few ‘non English members’ to have what could be much better served through a private WhatsApp group or Twitter feed, particularly when it necessitates hours of work for the moderator to keep things on the straight and narrow. The forum will never be a place for friends to share their deep thoughts. Apart from a few who know each other, people on the forum are not friends, they are just random people. They could of course be lovely, but we just don’t know. Perhaps you expect or hope for too much. Keep your expectations low and you are less likely to be disappointed. I do wish you all the very best, and that you get the support from your real friends and family.

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Well that just confirms my opinion. There’s threads about insurance/banking through to ear wax and everything in between in the lounge. Apparently it’s ok for English members to use the lounge in this manner but not others. Really.


I’d have to agree that there does seem to be a bit of double standard going on with what is tolerated from the UK posters, versus others. Maybe it’s just a cultural difference.

Actually, I have lived in the UK for quite a long time and I’m pretty sure this is simply a cultural difference (expression of opinion, language and social norms etc). But as Naim is an international product, there should be more room for cultural diversity I feel.


I hate censorship.


This forum is only a marketing tool for Naim and as such has a quite narrow purpose. However, it used to be more international and interesting place in the past.

@Pete_the_painter I am very sorry to hear about the situation you are in at the moment. It will take awhile before life goes to normal for you but I hope it eventually will and that the good memories remain.


I think I prefer to take an alternative view. But maybe you could rightly argue I am being wildly optimistic and naive.

But if you read what people post on a fairly regular basis, you start to form an opinion on who on the forum might be rational, open minded, generous, warm hearted, and also maybe someone you might happily share a beer (or glass of wine) with down the pub.

But of course yes there are also those for whom you get the feeling you might not have much in common and where the conversation would not flow so easily.

Personally the last thing I would want to talk about down the pub is hifi, so probably 90% of regular visitors here now think I am some sort of nut job.