Great sounding Jazz influenced Vocal albums

These are what I am listening to at this moment in time. They are all extremely well recorded but even more importantly it is music that is worth every moment spend listening.

Superb DXD recording from Sound Liaison;
“You don’t want to miss a single note from this fairytalish musical paradise called ODELION. ODELION is a new Dutch pearl that needs to be discovered!”— OOR Magazine
“transcendent songs that seem to suspend time”, — The Guardian
“With “ Up Jumped the Devil, Discovering the Music of Robert Johnson”
Carmen Gomes Inc. have created an imaginary road movie .”
Fantastic tribute to Robert Johnson from my personal favorite singer of the moment. Recorded by Frans De Rond in DXD but strangely not available on his site.

Embrace Me Gidon Nunes Vaz with - Denise Jannah
" result is spectacular, with a warm, generous ambience you can almost reach out and touch each instrument." —HIFI NEWS AND RECORD REVIEW.

The above three albums are pretty dark, fits the times you might say, so I put on Denise Jannah singing " On a Misty Night". to brighten up the mood a little.


Currently listening to:
Melanie De Blasio - A Stomach is Burning.

For me this isn’t an instant hit, but I can feel it getting its hooks into me. Very intimate album. I’ll try No Deal.

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Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Swings Lightly
Mildred Anderson - No More In Life
Carmen Gomes Inc. - Carmen Gomes Sing the Blues

Can also recommend Blackened Cities by Melanie De Basio. It’s a single track album…


Rachelle Ferrell - Individuality

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That’s a fine 1999 album but what what happened to her?

@Peet Garmen Gomez is stunning !

I hadn’t realised she was as old as she is, refferred to on line as a ‘legend’. One link says she popped into jazz festival in 2018 to VERY mixed reviews, some booed, others called for prayers for her, with fears she was effected by drugs. Hope she is well.

+1 for the new Carmen Gomes CD. Incredible album. And that low 27 hz bass note starting out the album, really sets up the mood.

BlockquoteCarmen Gomes Inc. have created an album that sounds like an imaginary road movie.
Listening one perceives Robert walking late at night, en route in the Mississippi Delta, reflecting back on his life.
The low A, 27.5 khz, from the bowed down tuned double bass representing the Mississippi night, the drums creating the sounds surrounding the night and the guitar being Robert’s mind.

But strange that it only is available on her site it is a SOUND LIAISON RECORDING

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But also a +1 for the ODELION album. I really enjoyed that download. Well recorded and good songs.
I hope to hear more from her in the future.

btw there is only a few days left on the sale of that download